Pride and prejudice: six

It is a cool morning and there is heavy chance of getting into snow fall as the climate is now moist with crispness and the coolness inside the environment cannot be challenged and in the meantime detective ittech, just goes outside the mansion Pride and prejudice and when ittech goes out, this is not for leisurely purposes but for the work that he is been assigned to in this current circumstances.

The wind is moving at a slower pace and the climate is heavy , with an over coat and shoes and with music detective ittech is on the ride and , he is moving here and there outside mansion searching for any link to this mysterious murder mystery , where no one seems to be suggesting anything and it seems that they have been concealing something in among and for this it is essential that , he has to find the lead all by himself and also tries to keep the interconnected leads in such manner that , in the long run all can be interconnected so that the real culprit would not be going out from the clutches of law.

Ittech in the meantime listening to the tunes of music, most are his favorites and watching everywhere to have the glance of something, interesting inside out and after a few minute of walk, he realized that, in that vicinity the trees were something at an unusual shape and some trees have brown leaves and some are yellow leaves, yet all the trees are alive and good and they are in healthy conditions.

I love Bhubaneswar
I love Bhubaneswar

This is not the case with one or two trees, the entire jungle is covered with such trees and these phenomenon never been seen any infotainment channels and this means that, these are unique and still to date had not been captured by humans and for this detective ittech forget the case at the moment and he immersed himself and trying hard to find out the real reason behind it. It seems that this place is hardly few meters west of mansion Pride and Prejudice. The entire area was covered with many trees and for sure it is the natural reforestation as for some moments he thought that, it could be the result of afforestation.

In the further west of this jungle there is a small hill, a flat in top, something unusual ands there are fewer trees at the hill as compared with the number of trees at the ground. It seems from the ground that there was stream a river flowing inside hills and the hills with d daylight seems to be like the silver plate that has been painted inside the floor.

It surprised ittech , generally the hill is covered with trees and here as earlier noted , the trees are not much in number , further to be added then , when the light reflects into the surface , then it should be, on to the mud ,clay and the stones that had been there , and for this , the reflection of the light should not be there , but here the reflection of mountain is like that of a silver plate , a well cleaned silver plate , and the reflection was so huge that , ittech with strongest eyesight could not sustain to see for long as that reflection strained his eyes and for this from his toolbox he brought out the anti reflector goggles , and then try to see and observe the hill and then also he feels the strain in eyes and after removing those from his eyes , he looked at the jungle , where he was standing and gazing the mountains , only to realize that , for few seconds the darkness popped into his eyes and unable to see anything at all.

This was a strange sort of situation as all these were not normal at all , and when humans tend to see some other facets of scenes into his eyes and for some moments , it did give the jolt the bolt from the blue , think about a situation when one person is confronted with , a situation , where trees are moving ,then he should think that there is something different here , similarly , when the person sees that cow are flying , then that becomes a jolt to his mind and sometimes he would think that , it might be the case of mental imbalance or there is something difference in the nature and in this situation similar thing happens to ittech.

Detective ittech at the first glance thought that, due to heavy work for the last three days and without sleep and continual work, their might be a situation, when his mind is behaving weirdly, and for this some unusual happening is there in front of his eyes, but in long case this might not be true, as there are instances when detective ittech had been working for longer hours without a single break, for ten to 15 days and even in those days his minds are in correct place and nothing bad happens to it and for this , it is essential that , he sees the correct thing and the second point is that , this time he has to realize it and for this there should something unusual in this aspect and it is better he has to find it out soon and this might be the lead and the cause of the murder mystery , which he is trying hard to solve it in his own capacity.

Now, clearly there is something different at this place of this earth and for this it is essential to have to find it out, and it seems that, this place never ever been ventured into other wise this is a rare experience and that too when the sun is almost not there but the capacity for reflection in this hill is not due to the ray of the sun but due to inner conditions of the hills that had been there for ages. It is also interesting to observe the hills during evening, but it is also difficult to out in the evening due to coolness and also eminent dangers that can arrives due to wild animals that can be there for ages.

The moment, that has past into the motion has been in great sense of unanimity in his mind that, it is time to go for some investigation into nature and its terrific environment and this time he completely swap his mind and pause the case of mansion Pride and Prejudice and now he concentrates more on the different aspect that can be there due to peculiar nature of nature.

In one more peculiarity detective ittech remembers the changing color of mountains at Australia, when he was there for one such case and then he was glared with beauty of that mountain and absorbed into for some time, the environment and its class, has never ever been questioned in that case, so here ittech will try to find out the real motion and the real reason behind this beautiful reflection, at the next moment , he questions himself why he is going to investigate the nature and environment and why he is not accepting this as usual, here , he is not suspecting the nature , on other hand , he wants to find out whether there is some mystery , attached with it and if that mystery is received and taken , then it is for sure, a lead in the making , otherwise ittech always believes in Lord of the Universe and for this , it is better to believe in nature and try to find out the way out.

On the other hand, there can be a school of thought, which the murder mystery is inside the mansion, and this hill and that has been accompanied by a large different color forest, has some somewhat different connotation and how can be it related with mansion as, perhaps it is for sure that, no one would have ever dared to cross the jungle and reached into the hill that has been adjacent to the jungle. There are still many untold and unrivaled stories inside mansion and it is time to dig it in and find it out, whether there is any such connection with it, and if not, then it is not waste of time certainly, as the hill has been nice from a distance, and for sure, it should give the entire view a nice horizon to start on with.

On the other hand, detective ittech thinks otherwise, and he thinks about, why this mansion is on such landscape, where, from left of it 20 kilometers no habitations and from right of it 40 kilometers is no habitations and also the nearest road, the highway is five kilometers from its front gate. Is this not sound the casualness to it and for this it is essential to glance and check the environment in total capacity and with it the total face of this mystery can be unearthed easily. Detective ittech mind is running into several directions and try to reach at the conclusion and then he begins his walk deep into jungle so that, he can reach the foot of the hill.

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