Insights on Recession

The example I am going to give here does not relate to good business, but your business will grow phenomenally if you learn from it. The case is related to a government hospital at the city of Puri at Orissa in Central India. The case is unique because government hospitals in Indiaexcept may be one or two hospitals like AIIMS at Delhi are noted for their callousness, carelessness and lack of concern for their patients and the situation is quite alarming.

I for myself am less prone to preference for treatment at any government hospital and even never at Puri though my residence is at a stone’s through distance from the government hospital. But I had a very rare compulsion to visit the outdoor of the hospital for some emergency treatment which changed my opinion so drastically that I am not shying away from comparing the service and care rendered by the hospital to some very big corporate offices where the main motive behind is profit only and still their behavior is short of our expectations.

Just at the entrance, an employee was found seated who gave me a welcome smile and guided me to the room adjacent to it where a threesome group of members were found seated consisting of a lady doctor, one compounder and a writer to jot down names and addresses of persons coming for treatment. All of them had ample time to look at me with smiles across their lips which suggested that I am the most welcome guest to them and not a hindrance to their gossips and drowsiness which generally are the characteristic features of government hospitals in India.

The doctor asked me what my trouble was about and requested me to purchase a ticket at one rupee from the front counter to which the compounder guided me. Here I remember one occasion when I went the biggest government hospital of Orissa at Cuttack where to purchase the entry ticket I had to spend about one hour to locate the counter and to purchase the treatment ticket as, after locating the counter with my hectic effort of twenty minutes, I found ticketsalesman absent.

As soon as I came with the ticket, the compounder took the ticket from me in the most helpful manner and gave it to the register writer who asked me regarding my name and address and my age and after recording the register serial no. on the slip, he gave it to the doctor who spoke me in most soothing manner and prescribed required medicines. The compounder then told me to come after purchasing the medicines to enable the doctor to examine the medicines and explain the dosage. Within ten minutes, I came with the prescribed medicines.

The compounder examined the medicines and guided me to the room where a pharmacist was waiting for patients to come. I still remember the greeting smile of the compounder and a winning one too. He gave me the injection and shook hands with me in a good gesture. The inside and outside of the hospital are so much clean that they are perfectly in tune with the hospitability I received from the officials earlier. They all echoed in my ears that this is the reason for which the hospital is the only one of its kind in India to earn ISO 9006 certification this year.

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