Without ticket village passengers risk their life by not using foot over bridge while crossing railway lines

While travelling in passenger trains which runs from Puri Terminus to Bhubaneswar junction, there are many passengers who go towards mid railway stations. Those can be called as in local Odia language as ‘bata pasenger’ or in English mid route passenger. These mid-route passengers are daily commuting passengers who go to capital city of Bhubaneswar for daily wage works and then returns. They are very low-paid workers and that is why they want to go without ticket in order to save their earning money.

Most of these daily passengers come from Delang, Kannash or from Sakhi Gopal. These three routes comes in between Puri Terminus to Bhubaneswar Junction. In these three mentioned train stations there is no barricade on the left side of platform. These are village platforms and only on the right side of the platform ticket checking is done. So, people in order to avoid caught by ticket checker, go down on the left side of Puri terminus bound train.

There are three other railway lines in the left side of the platform. During the time Shuttle train reaches in these village stations, either Falkhnama or Nilachall super fast crosses these platforms with super fast speed. Most of times during such moments people crosses railway lines. They do not take foot over bridge because that is on the right side of platform. If they go towards it those without ticket passenger can be caught by ticket collector. This means they will have to give heavy penalties.

Most of these passengers go some more distance after reaching village stations. Their villages are mostly five to ten kilometres after reaching platform. Some have villages at the right side of platform and some are at the left side of platform. Those have villages at the left side off the platforms in order to reach their villages on time, by pass foot over bridge and then go directly crossing railway lines. Most of times the super fast trains which crosses these village stations at the same time of Shuttle Memu fast passenger train, and people caught in the crossfire of running of superfast trains during that peak of time.

These are two prime reasons why people die in these village train stations. These stations are for passenger train stoppages. Superfast trains do not have halting in these platforms. These super fast trains crosses these platforms at their peak speed. These commuters must adhere to rules and regulations of railways. First they must adhere to rules of purchasing tickets and thus become the legal passenger.

Then move to foot over bridge and with comfort cross the railway line and then carefully reach to their respective homes. One must adhere to security as one must listen to respective hearts to understand that if another half an hour late is not going to delay reaching home. If any untoward happen they forever one cannot reach home and forever the delay reaching will continue.

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