Windows better than Linux !

This expression is entirely from my personal point of view .Definitely ,Windows is most misconstrued OS around with a hell lot of for and against arguments flying around the corner always. There no truth claims Distros are faster Windows.We always concede that there is always lies a threshold limit for the user and beyond that speed ,the user cannot maintain a stable user environment in simpler term the user cannot go beyond it.

The million dollar question is why I am talking about it now. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Definitely I am a late adopter of Linux. Pretty comfortable with Windows but inclined to learn Linux due some appreciation from the to date , playing around with Linux but not fully satisfied with all these performances so far.One thing is for sure,a Linux user faces a myth always, when he faces some problem with Linux, then he has to think twice before calling a mechanic or engineer, well but this is not the case for Windows users.

Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade [Home Premium to Professional] True to life for Windows users the of is and then up gradation time to time and it is with price.Take the case of Windows 7 .There is always a myth that Linux is always free but some Distros charge for support like Ubuntu,SUSE,Mandriva have some commercial implications.

A Linux user always criticize Windows for its never ending updates,patches,critical patches and it is true also,Windows XP after 10 years not perfect and after three service packs still being patched,as Microsoft patches it regularly whenever some vulnerability occurs.

More so Linux is not bug free ,crashes more frequently and thus making the layman confused .You have to be a geek in order to use Linux, matter how big claim far from layman is true that Linux at times throws a sense of rewarding achievement but many a times it gives frustration.No matter how geek you claim to be the fact you do not expect to without with it.

Lots tweaks and the last not the least its root access which can mess up yours system harder but still there is always a silver lining in the sky through these meticulous processes knowingly or unknowingly you enter into the deep delves of computing . For windows users they cannot go beyond certain knowing the OS.

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