What are certain Medical Reactions due to use of Chemotherapeutic Drugs to Fight the Cancer

Hair loss is fearful phenomena for most and when one is seen hairs on the ground is feeling the brunt of it. It can be a very horrific experience. Hair loss can be a compound of problems being aggregated through various parameters and its main reasoning can be attributable to its main causes. One of many reasons can be a temporary hair loss and so if it is treated properly then it can be a reversal of fortunes for the one who is suffering.

There are many causes of baldness and some of the causes are: Impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organ, the poor processes by which an organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and maintenance, the act of treating with medicines or remedies, recent rise in the temperature of the body, branch of medical science that treats disease or injury by operative procedures, earliest state of immaturity, having a baby; the process of giving birth to a child. In case of temporary hair los it can be recovered as the chances of growing back yours hair could be good.

Blood sugar patients, several forms of ulcerative skin disease, thyroid disorder have the high chance of hair loss. Hair los can be due to proper supplements of good food and bad skins. Apart from the hereditary phenomenon all other aspects does have the bearing of hair loss and behind this some sort of not so good and healthy life style embedded within it. A part of the condition of hereditary, all the other conditions mentioned here in this paragraph can be curable and should be considered as then not permanent hair loss as after this illness through a healthy life style all these can be revived.

Model of Bio-Toilet at Railways Station bhubaneswar
Model of Bio-Toilet at Railways Station bhubaneswar

There are some medications of the diseases like blood sugar, blood pressure, arthritis; cancer where the medicine reaction is causing the temporary baldness but subsequently after the medicines are taken off the temporary problem of hair loss can be healed. There are some natural processes which can cause the hair loss in some circumstances. The child birth may cause excessive hair loss for the mother in some circumstances. The shedding of hair seems natural process and it has a pattern imbibed with it.

The medial term for hair loss is alopecia. Loss of hair (especially on the head) or loss of wool or feathers; in humans it can result from heredity or hormonal imbalance or certain diseases or drugs and treatments (chemotherapy for cancer) The temporary hair loss is called alopecia areata . The baldness in the male perspective can be starting from balding at the top of the head. The female pattern of baldness can be lose thickness in the front side of hair but in mot cases the complete baldness of women is rare. In case of temporary hair loss the side effects can be soreness, itching, and few small patches of hair loss and if it goes to yours body then the treatment part can be difficult to handle with.

After a big disease recovery sometimes heavy hair loss but that is for very little time as it can be seen that tough the hair loss is rampant but it affects the thickness of hair not the bald portion of hair. If you carry on some specific hair styles such as hairstyles, such as pigtails, braids or cornrows then the bald patches may occur and it is advisable to change the hair style from time to time so that the constant pressure baldness can be solved. Due to use of chemotherapeutic drugs to fight the cancer certain medicinal reactions tend to occur.

The hair loss begins with the starting of the therapy and in the elogen effluvium state it becomes rampant, after the treatment the air will return but it may not be as before the chemotherapeutic drugs stage. Hair is not the sole thing that is gone and you will be ashamed of it or feel of it. The mind the head over the matter and the mind is always important and through this you can show yours wit and the if you will do the work in an efficient manner. If nay other third person is suggesting that you are at hair loss they you should think about it and feel that it is better late than never and try to build your potential and the zeal to succeed in this analogical pattern.

Try to see the mirror half so that all yours hair will not be seen or comb the opposite so that the bald persons can have the invisibility according to yours perceptions. Go to temples and yours worship places and pray to the Lord to give you back the hair as it may or many not be according to yours concise that is not to be debated but the realm of thought can be you get back tom yours confidence and the hair loss feeling may not bother you much as you will feel the surety that you have prayed to Lord and He will manage it as always He does. Do not think that you are a sore loser and no one will give importance to you do not feel it and create unnecessary stress upon yourself.

Accept as you are and feel that you have other organs and they are at the right positions and working at its fullest capacity. Do not over stress yours hair as it may look weird as some suggests do not cover yours hair but I totally disagree , if you have decent hair cove like that of a cap then wear it whenever you feel good at. Some suggests to shave yours hair but I totally disagree with it as shaving and regular shaving may cause the skin of the head to sore so it is better to avoid it and try to manage it as it is or through any head cap. At first step during the baldness one will feel the emptiness on head and also have to hear some sort of jokes and musings while talking.

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