The design of intelligent robot based on embedded system

What does it mean in dictionary it does mean as enclosed firmly in a surrounding mass or Inserted as an integral part of a surrounding whole and then the design part it means make or work out of a plan or device or Plan something for a specific role or purpose or effect and so on. In modern technology it is related to smart phones and its inherent applications. Like most of the youngsters I am fond of cell phones and of late the smart phones as it is helping to work and to join with my friends and associates on the go and it is always on line and I can contact with my family at any time.

It is not just about flaunting the gadgets but it is about keep reaching to the modern time with the help of these gadgets and make the phone a better place to know and wonder how these could be helping us in real times with more power in our palm tops than ever. It is like that we were going out but still we at home and also we have been staying here. As the technology student curiosity is always the fault I have been dealing with apart from writing about many subjects it is the real query that has been driving me to the umpteenth investigation to know more and more about the subject.

The software design the functions and the anecdotes and the parameters and the environment in which is its been operating is always fascinates to me and have the curiosity granted to me to get it know more and more .This is one of the many functions of embedded designing and to know more it is inside the article and more about it. It can be from your laptop, desktop, gaming console, microwaves, yours car anything that is related with some sort of software programming then you can make it or modify it to work better and perform faster, it is all about getting used to the system of how it works.It is definitely a sun rise sector and it is best to known more about it so that the demand for this profession will be most and it is a definite thing that you will be demanded by the companies to make it most of it and that why it is of utmost significance to do it.

For this you have to be good at electronic and communication engineering and all the data and related matters must be clear to you and there ought to be the real eagerness on the part of your to know more about the subject and you should not be blinded by the real bookish syndrome. You will be starting your work from that of project manager or as the team leader and in that situation the design and the architect part will be the responsible for you. You will have to see which ladder you are fitting it in as one is the management ladder and the other is the technology ladder the most inspiration part is solely based on your and you have to choose which part you will have to choose it from.

In seven years time you can rich with hand some salaries at the very beginning your salary may be at the entry level. You will have the possibility to reach to the level of vice-president at its peak and for this your concentration and career and also the peak and the growth you will be in is the matter and that should be the real parameters you will be in.It all starts with the new chip and the software embedded within it and it is the sheer matter of fact that the chip and the software both in case of hard ware and the software must be getting into good look . The production of the chip is the starting point of the innovation and later on other side of work like that of through different circuit boards and that can be used and employ for variety of work zones like that of pieces of medical equipment .

it requires the fascinating and complex tools to unite and operate and then suggested the functions within it through the inner mechanisms by employing electronic digital automation and understanding the technology to use it for the day to day life and putting together all at once to manage it more wonderful and sophisticated ways. It is about designing the new software and then putting together hardware around it. The scope of this field is vast as it is been a five billion dollar industry all around the world and its scope is increasing day by day to unimaginable ways and proportions.

It will be more demand after the recession and the down side market trends due to the fact that due to recession the demand for the home appliances are on the decline and after the recession these demand will be higher but people will look for more and more sophisticated designed products and also want to have it the next generation products and that can only be possible with the advent of new and scientific chips which can not only perform multi taking and also can regulate electricity and the load on the system and these can have more and more significant value on the price after the recession.

These can have more wonderful work around like that of getting the power from sun, water and thus reducing the cost of production on the customers and these can have similar approach just like that of what the electricity is being doing to these devices. These can be called as the chips of the future and these can have the vital role to play in increasing the productivity of the services and the companies and can get the cutting edge over the existing competitors. With the science of motion gaming at hand these can have the real opportunity to control and manage it into the smother and fascinating ways to under stand the wheels of motion in terms of real and practical ways.

It is all about finding the definitive products in the ultimate marketing sense and the differentiation factor is embedded into it. S the consumer we always look for the uniqueness and for this the real parameters is being to find and then utilize it and how these companies will find the uniqueness and just for the slogan for the sake of the consumers. So, it is the chip that is making the differentiation and so hence it is the chief designer that plays the more and more real and confident role in designing this and thus the importance of chip designers has been on the prominence.

There different classification of these chip design career and for this the following can be of immense and importance help. The one part belongs to the chip designing and development and the second part belongs to embedded product design industry and the third part belongs to electronic design automation tools. The most famous among all these is the embedded software but there is always demand for more and more design engineers and for this it is better to have clear cut and good understanding on all these subjects. First and foremost it is better to have the degree in electrical and communication engineering and develop your sound knowledge with that of mathematics, physics and electronics.

Grab the additional knowledge on some other basic parameters on VHDL and EDA and also get additional and updated knowledge on design tools and the process of evolving. It is all about keep evolving and continue your knowledge and update it through various sources to get it most of it, It is better to get into your ability to design the most complex parameters and also the related entries like that of patience as sometimes the design part can become reality within these it can take years passed on to it and for this the real syndrome is to get evolving and make the most of it.

There are constant innovation that is required and hence there is the constant source of growth and it is of significant importance is that you must be going with according to time and design parameters and it is important to update your knowledge base form time to time.

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