The Dark Knight (2008) Movie shows sacrifice of Batman

The Dark night is a superb batman movie. It is one of most popular batman movie. This article is first hand movie review of The Dark Night. In the imaginary city of Gothic, due to Batman peace prevails everywhere. This is not going to stay for longer duration. A psychotic criminal named “Joker” who created havoc by doing extremely deeper crimes. Stole banks and killed person and his only demand is that the mask of Batman to be unraveled and the real person behind batman must come forward.

Batman never divulge his secrets of who is batman and he continues to work with masks and make a safer place for people living inside the imaginary city of Gothic. Now, he is facing his real test. People now wants real face of batman to be revealed so that the criminal joker will not create crime again. This is a catch 22 situation for batman.

Joker’s aim is not to steal money. He loot banks and then burn all the notes. His only motive to unravel concept of batman such as de-masked him so that he will not come out again. He continue to kill one by one and ask Batman to reveal his identity so that he will not kill the next person. The hero of Gothic city is slowly becoming the villain. On one point there is a choice to save for batman of his former girlfriend and the other courageous officer.

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Batman chooses the later but ultimately he will become the main villain in the next series of The Dark Night which is The Dark Night Rises. Batman regrets of no saving his former girl friend. His former girl friend had given a letter to associate of Batman, and after her death Batman read that letter which contents that after there is peace in the city of Gotham, Batman will not do that savior and she would want a happy life with him.

Batman regrets this and this stays with him for the rest of life. In the middle of movie, joker was caught by Batman and given to police head and he was sent to prison. This was the plan of joker to reach to prison. Batman earlier caught the main don tycoon of China and this was the plan of joker to release him. During the main course of this movie police and batman are confused with the joker’s action and most of time reach in catch 22 situations.

Unlike other superheroes such as spider man and avengers, batman does not have super powers. He works everything with science and technology. This makes watching him on his mission more human friendly and genuine. Batman works with superior technology and most of times he is a normal human comes to the forefront. This makes watching batman movie excellent. This is a must watch movie and with continual action and never stop excitement. Batman can jump from one skyscraper to another but it comes with science.

This little bit of nearer to reality make watching batman as career praise worth. It is important to watch The Dark Night and then its next version The Dark Night Rises in order to understand what the stories and the series of connection with these two movies had.

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