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Internet is fast becoming the compulsory habits for many individuals who are utilizing this to its fullest intent for their proper fascination of ideas and other related matters. Many a times you can be at some region where there can be blockages of some of internet essential service which you might think that it may be use ful for you but sad at not reaching to that site. Many a times you want to browse anonymously so that you want to preserve your privacy on internet. You want to access many blocked website anonymously and want to hide you IP address so that you want to attain to your complete privacy.

You can all do this with proper and reputed virtual private network service providers and for this you will have to join some reputed one. IN this write up I will be telling you about one such provider of virtual private network which can give access to you all these facilities with secure and fast system logging and also you will be getting all these with very little money. It is known as VPN softwareVPN and with it you will have several opportunities to utilize its potential. It gives one additional layer of anonymity for you as it is hiding your real IP address from the web. It does not keep any logs and you are behind its server and as my experience goes it does load heavy sites with a decent connection faster and you can then browse your favourite site more smarter and with equally security frame work.

By using this VPN you can get smart access to the sites which are exclusively for US and UK residents only like Hulu, Pandora, ABC, NBC, BBC iPlayer, ITV. You cans simply browse and also enjoy the prudent of all these above mentioned sites. It can also unblock the application like that of Skype and VOIP which may be banned in your locality or at your working organization. If you are web master or using Chitka which the ads can be shown only in US and UK then you can use this service to see how your website is working and how it is been viewed in US and UK conditions and residents and also you can see how the Chitka ads are showing to US and UK locality and with this you can test all these parameters with equal ease and can convenience how your international clients has been seeing your website.

The Lord Naga of Puri
The Lord Naga of PuriThe Lord Naga of Puri

It is perfect for your site as a web master you can see your site how it is loading at US and UK environments and also if you are dealing with search engine optimization technologies then with this VPN service you can watch and observe your site positions on Google while making the search. One point is noted in the VPN softwareVPN is that the sites powered by blogger in UK conditions take sometimes to load this may be unique on my situations but I have felt that way, what is the reason or may be due to the related reason of my special internet connection but it is doing this way for me but other two connection like that of US is working perfectly.It is all about security and with VPN softwareVPN you will be getting good amount of security with its excellent infrastructure and management. It creates the tunnel and then encrypts all the incoming and outgoing data in the server.

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No one can access your information and if you are on a insecure Wi-Fi connections then it is the must for you and you should be doing this so that your Wi-Fi will not be hacked in the manner. VPN can be used from any locations that have the internet connection and it is very easy to use. When you choose any VPN service provider though personally my favorite is VPN softwareVPN , you can access any website restriction countries with equal ease by assigning the IP address of that country and can access the related contents of it. Reliability is always important and also the speed of connectivity should be seen and the way it is working and all these parameters is better with VPN softwareVPN.

If you want to use VPN softwareVPN then first opt in for the trieal option and it is for twenty four hours and within this span of time you can acclimatize with the conditions in which it is passing through and can get on with how it is working and can then opt for its free service. No credit card required for this free trial. There are also many freebies are in offer from time to time at VPN softwareVPN and you can subscribe their blog and also on twitter and Facebook to win the chance to get back the free six months virtual private network connection from their Netherlands server so it is better you can regular visit their site, nevertheless you can get the free offer for six moths then it is the most beautiful achievement you will ever had. Installation is very easy and it is written elaborately in their website so to find it is no problem and also the entire and clear description on different OS platforms is clearly described so that is why I am not writing about the installation part of it.

VPN softwareVPN employs Microsoft point to point protocol to create the secure VPN for PPTP. It has relatively somewhat low overhead and it is advisable to use it as it can make the internet more and more fast. In this way you can protect your internet connection and also the speed limit will not be slower with it and that is why it is mostly preferred by many web masters as well as internet users. With proxy services you will mask or hide your IP addresses and your location information from lurking eyes and it is mainly used for saving your privacy and it is a way to protect your privacy.

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With virtual private network in action you can send large volume of confidential information while on travel to yours clients and in this way your competitor will not have that much chance to spy on you as this is important for the security of your organizations. .Proxy is less secure than VPN but the speed of proxy is faster than that of VPN.

Proxy does not need client software most of them use cookies in your browser of some sort of plug in or add-on. Many sites are now a days are more protected with high level of encryption and https security layer and also with one plug in of Firefox you can access the web https everywhere so all these aspects needs to be recognized and for this if you have a good and decent connection then you can vouch for VPN and especially VPN.

I recommend this one as I have been using for the last four to five months with optimum level of satisfaction. With VPN you will have both the services in yours kitty , the Proxy and also the VPN services and with it you can choose which one to use so art one price you get both the options and it is up to you to choose and manage and opt for which service which you likeHow to connect VPN software PPTP status and browse the internet:First get the free for twenty four hours or buy the service from the following link and then wait for the email from .VPN software in your inbox.

It generally comes after one or two days with your user name and password. Keep those in the safer place and then download the client software from VPN software website. It is now updated to its second version and it is within two to three mega bytes download. Disconnect your internet connection and then install the software, it is self guided and you can do it. Then run the software and put user name and password in the log in information and then click on the check box to remember it so that you do not have to put it again and again. It is advisable to uptick start from Windows session as when you need it you can use it at your will by opening the program.

Uninstall any of the ad mucher or ad stopper software that you are using while running the program. You can install the add on ad block plus on Firefox and similar utilities in some other browsers which is your favorite. To day I will be writing about Firefox configuration. The connect the VPN connection and choose your connection as VPN software is offering three zones individually or else with an added package the three zone can be combined to a single package.

Let us assume you have picked and choose or bought the US Wilmington package and choose that in VPN software client software and then from server choose that location and then from Protocol choose PPTP as I have written above why as single user you should this one as with this you will get a decent speed and also good encryption.

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Please read above part of the article to know more about it.To day I will be talking about how to configure Firefox, and for it download the latest versions of it and then install in your computer as the installation is self-explanatory.. hen install the add on FoxyProxy standard it is free and it has the premium version , so which you can get it and then install . I will advise you to first test the standard version which can do all the jobs for you.

Then open the FoxyProxy standard and from its file menu select Add New Proxy , then select the manual proxy configuration , then at host or IP address put the IP address sent to you from VPN software as let us assume that you have purchase US version of it then put that IP and in the port session you have three options of ports and put it one and then give it some color as per FoxyProxy standard and then save it.

Close the browser and then connect your internet connection and then open client software from VPN software and log in as you have selected earlier that remember the password and user name so just log in and after some time then click on the connect at VPN connection , here by default the UK proxy is shown so from the drop down menu select the US connection as we are assuming that you are using the US VPN connection and then connect and after few seconds it will show at your task bar that US VPN connection now connected and then you can now open Fire fox browser.

After opening it a pop up window will open and that will ask you to put user name and password of US connection proxy of Firefox, here put the user name and password of your given VPN connection which you have earlier received in your inbox and then log in and select to remember it so that you do not have to put it every time when the browser starts and then open any website you want and see the action.

As you will see it the live in action with completely protected your privacy and your connection to the server is encrypted so no spying eyes and you can now have the worry free internet browsing experience. With due course of time I will be writing about how to use this with Opera, Chrome and IE and get the most of it with this excellent virtual private network, To support my article and also want to get VPN software then you can go with the affiliate link of mine and if you purchase through this route then I could be getting twenty percentages so decision is yours.

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