How To Increase The Internet Speed Of Jio-Fi 4g?

JIOFI 4G modem from Reliance Jio provides affordable solutions for users to distribute data to recommended 10 devices plus one USB tethering. Size of JIOFI modem is very compact, with 85 to 55 to 16 mm in dimensions.

It comes with a nano-sim place, with micro-USB support and Micro-SD card support. It has the battery capacity of 2300mAh and its SAR body value is 1.26 W/kg.

It provides 4G high-speed LTE-VOLTE connectivity. It has one year of manufacturer’s warranty. For sim, you can reach to nearest Reliance Digital or Jio Retailer. The customer has to provide one identity card while receiving sim.

JIOFI modem is portable and the customer has the choice of using it while on the go. You can complete your work while you are on the go. It provides true 4G speed and the best part is that the battery when charged fully last almost about eight hours, subject to user’s variations.


can connect 10 devices and plus one USB tethering and this means one can perform the coordinated study for this purpose. You do not have to upgrade your phone for 4G devices, as it can work with 2G and 3G phones easily. In these phones, users have to download Jio4Gvoice app for free video call. After activating with Jio4Gvoice, while calling the user can see the JioFi number on their phone.

In this way, users find voice plus data sharing option with JIOFI. The highest download speed of JIOFI is up to 150Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps. With this comes 4G data and HD voice even with your previous 2G/3G smartphones. With this, you can perform video and high definition voice calls and can create audio and video conferencing easily.

JIOFI set up:

You can perform activation of Jio sim with JIOFI in either of two ways. One is through tele-verification of Jio SIM and the other is through activation directly in Jio regional shops. Now, you do not need tele verification of Jio Sim as it automatically detects the device and activated in accordance with it.

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Yours JIOFI box contains a device, a battery, adapter and a cable. Open back cover and then note JIOFI SSID username and password carefully as that would help you to connect to the internet. It is printed on the level. Now. Place the Jio Sim and then battery and close JIOFI.

Press and hold the power button to switch on the device and you will see the battery, signal and Wi-Fi indicators. When the signal shows in green and this means the signal quality is good at that location. Your set up is now complete.

How to connect smartphones and laptops to JIOFI using WPS option?

You can connect android smartphone or tablets using WPS option of JIOFI. First, switch on JIOFI and then go to Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and then switch it on and then go to its three dots and then from there select advance, and then select, WPS push button or WPS connection and now activate WPS on your android phone. In this way, your device will automatically be detected the signal of JIOFI and connect to it.

Make HD Voice and Video calls through JIOFI :

Making calls and sending SMS through your JIOFI from your 2G,3G phones is very easy. Connect yours older smartphones with Wi-Fi from JioFi and then you have to install Jio4Gvoice app from Google Play Store. After activating Jio4G Voice app now go to phone contact or dialer and simply press call button, and now Jio4G voice app will automatically open and then the green video calling button is for video calling and the green phone button is for phone calling and in this way both video and phone calls do not incur any extra price on your budget.

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How to increase internet speed of JIOFI :

One need to keep in mind certain important considerations, to enjoy the best speed of JIOFI. It should be kept in an open space so as to receive maximum speed and network connectivity. You must ensure that there should not be any distractions from microwave or electromagnetic wave obstructions.

Mostly connect yours JIOFI device with USB tethering so as to find out maximum speed and try 4G connectivity. There should not be more than 10 users connected to it. Do see most of these devices should be there within ten meters of JIOFI. Use wireless encryption method and make sure to see if some trespassers are using this or not.

You can change network DNS server into Google or any other public DNS server for faster networking. From all of these discussions it is now clear that JIOFI is not to be used only for modem purposes but it can still be used for smart coordination among small office and home office and can create one of most coordinated forms of work segment so as to send and receive pieces of information within no specified time limits.

While using with battery option of JIOFI one finds that if for longer durations there is no internet connectivity then it automatically and its battery saver option saves the day for you. In this way, it remains to connect and intimate to you that, whenever you do need it to be worked with you it stays connected without any delay. From all of these improvements, I found that by using USB tethering with JIOFI device the speed of internet becomes faster.

In order to check the speed of internet with virtual private network while we do find that most of the times the speed becomes slower and with slower internet connectivity the speed of internet in virtual private network becomes absymally slower but I do see while browsing internet I do see while with Opera web browser, and in its turbo or in its virtual private network setting while using it in private browsing pattern I do find that the download and upload speed in virtual private network stays good and stable and this makes the indication towards understanding that Jio Wi Fi modem is working nicely and correctly.

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There are so many different and diversified ways in which you can measure the speed and improvement with Jio Fi network upload and download speed and for this, it is essential to place the modem incorrect location and there should not have been any such of electromagnetic disturbances with it at all at any point of time.

Then, most of the times use with USB tethering option so that the process of sharing of data speed becomes extremely faster with it. It provides one of the awesome speed of upload and download speeds to male yours work faster with it. If you are sharing internet with JIOFI then do not share it with more than ten devices at one time and this will make the speed of sharing of the internet to an absolutely comfortable limit.

Do watch out for any of presence of trespassers and if so then block those and do make encrypted passwords so that the use of your wireless networking should be done without any difficulties to each and every device. In this way, the optimal use of JIOFI with its maximum possible upload and download speed limits comes to the fore.

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