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Google is always a customer friendly company and in order to suit and assist the customer better it had introduced a customization dashboard and in this dash board user can make it just like drag and drop down lists so that with this all the important information can be obtained for the single dash board and with it you can find the entire details of information and that would make you feel about the entire state of the art situations , in this way with the customization dash boards , you get all the advance form of  information of your website that has linked with Google Analytics (GA).

In this way the information of your website like acquired visits , goals and rate of bounces all the information can be obtained form your customization dash boars as you can modify according to your need. Users can track and compare the entire details and also the track and analyses reports with the records of the last months, or may be fortnight comparisons what ever be the case as it may be decided by the user,thus with the date tracker it would be showing all the information in

detail to you and it calculates the differentiation and thus creates the quick overview of the comparison. There are also schedule mail options from time to time you will get the information to your, inbox straight and then you can view the detailed analytics and also other options like that of export data tom PDF are available . So, in short within the dash board you can compare your GA data and then compare and see the provision and the performances within.

Now the third most significant element of GA is that of date range. You can use the sort of date options efficiently, and further you can go for date range drop- down selection to select the week, month or day of their choice.  The scheduled report is to be emailed for further archive purposes and in this way you can receive and then employ all the data that had been originating out of your GA data. At times when you had ad blocker or context blocker enabled, you are unable to log into GA account and for this email feature is more than handy and by employing this you could find more and more interesting trail of events even if you are not able to log into GA website.

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You have the option to receive GA reports daily, weekly or monthly and if you enable these functions then it will automatically receive the information according to your specifications. The date range options has been made sticky if the report was scheduled to show up in thirty days, the next email will pull automatically pull the last 30 days. If you are running any kind of marketing campaigns for promotional brand mechanisms then it is inevitable to know from where you will be getting the direct visit and their websites as this can make your contact list more and more productive, many a times large number of direct visits does come from URL shortners.

How to enable campaign tracking?  

In order to enable campaign tracking in GA one needs to tag website URLs with parameters and the user need to share them with URL shortened  Then you can receive insight of marketing campaigns report under Traffic sources > Sources

How to use funnels of GA?

For e-commerce website, with steep competition from among all the other like-minded websites, funnel is a great feature to employ as from it new strategies and the visitor’s goals and actions can be seen and better understood. Here, you can learn how many people went to conversion process but not finish it and from these data, you can personally contact those people to know about what was the reason for not finishing the conversion process and then you can present customized solutions to them according to their need and assistance.

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Many a times you just been surprised to see that the website you used for half a conversion process is contacting you and how they knew this, this is due to the fact of funnels of GA and that was the principal reason for this for them to employ this and in this manner you can bring forward the real aspect of your business and in this way you can manage the great customer satisfaction index which matter a whole lot for you. User first fills out the ‘Define Funnel page’ with Goal URL in the exact order visitor’s follows them. Then, the recipe and context add on and after following this feature user shall get Abandoned Funnels report along with Funnel Visualization in user’s GA report.

Enable site feed:

Site speed is a clean and non intrusive feature of GA, from which you can find the exact speed of the site and how it performs and in which way it would go and in what manner it is visible inside search engines so and so. It also gives you input about how your website or blog is performing in the internet in terms of search engine visibility. From this user can understand fully which page is loading perfectly in terms of search engine visibility and which page is not loading and then user can go to that page through the links specified and then correct the errors so that in the future the specific page will load at speedier than that of earlier. In this way, you can improve the traction for the websites. You can go to performance tab to locate and understand the different aspects and buckets of websites and how they are performing.

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In-Page Analytics:

Now, there is the every possibility for you to know at which positions of a particular page user clicked and this is very helpful to anticipate the hot zones the zones most famous for visitor’s click and in this way you can garner access to all these information. This is helpful in case you want to place the ads on a place where there is every chance the user can click on it and in this way you would get the most wonderful aspect of it and also through this all these parameters can be conditioned and perfect placement of your articles will garner more for you in terms of traffic and also visibility.  

With this tool , you can know from the various portions of website and could understand the different aspects of click through rates and in this manner the different aspects of all these parameters can be get through and in which the entire path and the structure of click through rates can be garnered with.


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