A New Hypothesis That Challenges Einstein’s Physics

When we consider the aspect of calculation from a single distance to supposedly infinity we do tend to forget that whatever is not to be reached towards absolute conclusion is to be the state of eternity as we have created such and such tremendous easier methods to do it. Some have calculated how to reach the state of eternity but many others still try hard to find the way for it. Nevertheless it has always been tremendous insightful ideas for many of us to believe and understand.

What we think and measure are the series of fundamental bits and pieces of learning mechanisms which we do read and study during course and try hard to move through these fundamentals in sufficiently understandable ways. When we calculate supposedly the distance between Puri to Bhubaneswar which is approximately the distance of 60 kilometers by road and then we tend to think and create one such mirror image of it that this is the most basic way to reach there.

When we compare this distance with that of the distance of Bhubaneswar to Cuttack which should be 28 kilometers we tend to think that the distance is lesser than Puri to Bhubaneswar but can it be true. There are many mediums of communications and mostly we have seen the present large natural medium of communication where there is wind, sound and even correspondence between one person to the other all moves through some of the most sought after location profiles. Just think of our atmospheric conditions where we could find many such ideas and implementations of newer forms of movement of journey and especially space voyages.

Sun set in Bhubaneswar
Sun set in Bhubaneswar

On the space just above us there is an environment known as the atmosphere which is secluded there, and it saves us from external influences. That is why the movement of light, sound, even as is now in comfortable zones for us. Everything remains as it is and moves with these stipulated conditions without being affected from outside. That is why we remain completely insulated from other universal influences. Now, first thing to come to ours mind is that when we consider earth is there and it is sphere and we are living at the outside o it and its crust is full of heat zones and remaining there as it is could not be bitterly possible as the first hand experiences as well as living inside mines supposedly considered to be.

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The earth is moving in its own axis circularly as well as it is moving in the orbit zones around our star sun. This has been experimented and known to be there since many years and continue to be there and there are no doubts to be made from it from the wildest form of imagination. Then, the question is how come we able to stay afloat and could not drop to the depths of the universe as the earth is in a constant state of movement and simultaneously it revolves around the sun at the same time in its elliptical orbits.

There is the answer we read from our childhood of dropping of apple from trees. So, there is one gravitational force which cannot be seen or still to be seen is there with invisible force and mostly the generation of such force comes from ours start to illuminate us as well as provide the power of gravitational power so that we tend to be there as the binding force so that we could be there at the upper surface of earth without falling deep into supposedly dungeon universe.

There are theories to support this physical presence but still to date we have not seen it and also how come sounds, lights and even space shuttle able to cross over this force and traverse deeper into space and towards the universe. If there is a gravitational force, then there should not be moving opposite to where it is working. If sounds, lights and movement of space shuttle is there, and they could beat the force of it then how come movement of humans could not beat such supersonic power of gravitational forces as there should be no doubt to physics theories and in practice of implementation but still we do find plenty of such things where the pre-determined ideas and theorems could not be sufficient enough to understand the way it moves and the manner it moves towards different directions.

We tend to think of the surface and perimeter of earth in which we think it is visible of but could it be not the perimeter which should be added to the surface and air mediums as if the entire area of earth could be visible supposedly constructed of solid areas of earth and the atmospheric space of earth then the visible part is the border to which we are living out. Supposedly, we consider the area of atmospheric air as well as the earth surface then we could think that our movements as natives of earth remain within surface tension of its solid elements.

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Could it be not the way if we tend to think that the entire air surface is also the part of the earth to protect us from external influences? Then the relevant question should have been how come the light reaches us from the sun? It is one of many important questions which we tend to ask us and try to understand about it. It is the light that has been directly proportional to the elements of life inside surface areas of earth and without light it should have been extremely difficult to live and the life of animals could not be possible at all.

So, some universal elements which should be the responsibility for the bond of the earth with that of the sun could be possible due to the presence of lights which in turn could produce the signs which should be the matter of complete helpful environment. It should have been the matter of complete investigation to find out what should be the reason behind completely free movement of lights within so called atmosphere of earth and surface of earth and I think this should be the practical reason for complete bond between sun and earth or say the sun and other revolving planets.

Could there be a strong correlation between the passing of lights and then reflecting back to sun and that could be the force or the bond which we should think as no force as we currently called the gravitational force said to be from sun and bind the earth with it but in realty if that so then it could see the surface tension and other negative effects with due course of time which we yet to find in complete and clearer senses. At one side force cannot be in any senses of wider imagination be possible to hold back exact senses of series of elements of control in a similar manner for long years.

It should have been the force of attraction and then deflection which coincides with sun and do it in complete senses and this should be in the form of lights absolutely so as to be reflected from time and again at certain parts of earth and then reflect back so that it stay at the state of absolute revolving conditions all the time.

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We should have been concentrated more and more on the aspect of what are being visible and how could such and such elements have direct impacts on thought processes so as to find the exact answering points of everything to learn more and more stipulated ideas of understanding the impacts of life which should have been there and from all of these practical inhibitions we could find the way for easier exploration of spaces so as to find the most dynamic and most predominantly advance ideas to surface the momentary pulses of understanding each and every secrets of nature in its brilliant observations.

While considering each and every part of planets in its entirety and without thinking too much of what should be the anticipated physical presence in stead one should move towards understanding and observing of each and every pan moments of what the nature and it surroundings has to offer in the mean time. We have to see the series of presence of ideas where we could find the best such answer.

We have to think and think what should be the reason for reaching the lights of sun into earth and then reflect back and then reach again and what should be the elementary forces that should have been coming and reaching and whether there is another form of force or anything what we could find from these relationships that could be the answer to everything what we are expecting of.

There have been many such mysteries of the earth and that is the leads which we should be getting into and those could let us know and provide more and more stupendous levels of understandings of what is our universe is. Most of theories and benchmarks on these aspects are more of subtle comparisons of theories and instead we could not move towards an absolute truth that should have been involved in such state of mystery. We need to solve these in order to understand and know our planet better.

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