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This article is about personal shopping experience and how to find real organic food that comes straight from farms and that should be cultivated in the form through real organic cultivation methods. When we go to shopping malls, in another segment we do find large chunk of packaged organic food but on the cost factor it is on higher side and for this we tend to go to local vegetable market and skip purchasing through shopping malls.

In locality of Puri, Badashanka vegetable market is one of the bigger markets for vegetable buyers and it provides huge form of vegetable experiences, as from far and wide, and they sell mostly farming products. In this market one needs to be careful while purchasing as there are many vendors who purchase these from one of sources and rate of product is same and it is important to recognize the real farmers and the artificial farmers otherwise purchasing of products in these localities invariably becomes costlier.

There are real farmers who would be there in and around that market location. They used to sell the real organic foods in and around these locations. They used to sell real organic foods and that makes health well and good as these vegetables are farmed with natural fertilizers and any amount of artificial and chemical fertilizer are not there. This means within raw foods and vegetable there will not be any amount of chemical on it and after cooking and then eating only natural fertilizer and food will go into stomach.

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Generally, non-organic foods do contain hints of chemical and that when goes into stomach tend to provide reactions into ours body structure. When for many years we tend to eat these chemicals then ultimately this would go towards the cause of cancers and other lever related and kidney related diseases. It is important to watch your foods even if you eat these at home but still the quality of raw food is of prime significance.

We know the importance of organic foods but when we buy from shopping malls it costs more and for this we move towards farming market of locality and most of these are there in and around downtown or in dense locality and you can buy products from there and from there too it is important to watch out for real farmers who use organic farming wile going for production of farm products. While in local markets these organic farm products costs less in these markets while when you go to bigger shopping malls these costs on higher.

In United States of America there is always high demand for organic foods and those foods are on higher side of course but there are also small farm markets generally during particular days of the weeks which uses to sell farming products especially at the some grounds nearby and those costs on lower side and people used to buy these products there as farmers straight sell these products just like the smaller markets in and around area but there in US farmers used to sell these products over benches and most of these are there on the table showing these and people used to buy these products there the completely organic products.

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This means even if we are in here or at US we can find the plenty of presence of organic foods and that too in smaller markets like us and only the difference is the name that is here we call it market and there in United States of America we call it as farmer’s market. Here, these markets failed to appear during heavy rain seasons as most of them sell foods and vegetables in open air condition and when there is rain the water tends to fill that place in plenty and shopkeepers failed to show case their shop due to water logging problems.

In United States of America the farmer’s market also there in an open field and there is no shed into it as they sell under the sky. The entire area of farmer’s market stopped selling at the onset of winter as due to heavy snow fall it is almost difficult to farming as well as sells the farming products in an open space as it is almost difficult to venture out in open.

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