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Once some friends while seating at a get together were deeply discussing why boys and girls were fast becoming more and naughtier than ever before. One person said that, in my child hood days, there was no school in the vicinity, he had to go miles to reach there so, each day had been past with intention of how to study, reach at school and then return to home.

Now, the schools were everywhere, even at a single village there were two schools and also now with arrival of bicycles through various schemes of government, which had been given for free, so now there were plenty of time for the students. There were plenty of reserved time for them and they were now been using this for various reasons. Now, boys and girls felt for everything and they thought that now they did not have the anything despite they had all faculties and everything at their disposal.

They wanted each thing that they thought it ought to be and with it they seemed that they were always been in want of it and what it worse the matter was that the way , his wife became the advocate of her children and also that adds to the problem . He had told his wife not to tell anything in front of children , she should be telling this alone to her what should be brought or not , but every time she forgot this and did the same. For the last few days his son wanted a motor cycle , I said your college was hardly a kilometre away and why should you wanted it as you could walked it down and it did even visible from ours balcony , it was so nearer , so what was the need for the bike.

Then, from kitchen sudden appearances of his better half and she said that why not , all the boys in the neighbouring areas had been going to college with bike , so my son would be, was there not any respect for him ,why should he walk entire distance be it less than one kilometre ? Then, there was the cold war within home, though in reality cold war was over among US and USSR, but it had been still alive in his home. So, at last with loan, motor cycle was being purchased, and now bike had been used for every purchase, even for six to eight house distance, no walking and they were now hardly walking the distance and that was the most unfortunate fact that had been happened there.

I could understand , how they had been doing some unhealthy measures by not walking at all but what should be done I had to make it , I watched it like Lord and could not say anything just watching from the distance and that was what I could do currently. Now one more persons started his conversation based on the first person story. His son was like a gold coin but after studying engineering, he had gone badly and now he was not good. His son thought him as the natural bank in the making and for every purpose he had been spending plenty of money, now in name of engineering college he had been spending a plenty of money, he was saying lie, I knew but I was not saying anything.

He was staying outside and alone and if there was not money then he could be in distress and that was the reason I had been sending money from time to time to him so that he would not be feeling distress at it. He had the six paper as backs and it seemed that it would take years to pass engineering and one fine day , he had reached with a girl and wanted her to marry her , she was his classmate , now he married and left engineering and now he had the one mobile store with my money at poach place of town and now he was indulging in petty politics and that would be dangerous, As it seemed that usually while during any such political battle the foot soldiers did suffer and that was my principal worry.

Now the third person began his story and also said that previous person sufferings were not unique cases, as it did happen to him and him began his story. As parents they would expect their children to be more cultured and had a good job at their perusal and also lived the life in which manner they wanted it to be. To educate their children many parents reached cities from their congenial village atmospheres. With this their own mixed family had been subjected with unitary family structures. They sacrificed for it but what was the resultant for this, nothing of sort. They had to live with much difficulty to fulfil constant wants of their children from time to time still they would not be saying anything about it .

Due to ours curriculum, at very tender age they had been overburdened with their education so much so that they could not think beyond it and slowly they had been walking away from family structures and that was real worry for them. In one such interview for the industry, appeared by one engineering student, when he was asked by interviewer, how did you find the money for this education, he said that his father was a daily wage labourer. Then, he asked had you done any time of yours father’s work, he said he had not even done for a single day, then the interviewer said, you went to your home and see your father’s palm and then you would have the experience of it how the education went on with experience and how the experience was better than education.

Then, he went home and urged his father to work for a day with him , though his father was reluctant but after much insist he had accepted it and then , he did the job of stone cutting and breaking for a day and then as per interview suggestions he returned to interview board to say that , he would not be joining the job , instead he would be farming at his land with his father so that the difficult job of stone cutting being dine by his father for earning livelihood for his family would be solved and his father would not be wounded from time to time, then the interviewer had asked why he would study engineering , was it going to be wasted , he said not at all , with experience from his father he would be using his education to full tune and customize the business and he was sure to succeed at any cost and he thanked the interviewer for his excellent advice.

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