Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review

Xiaomi is the smartphone brand from China. But it removes the myth associated with Chinese products which is cheap and could at least go for utmost two to three months. it removes these tags and provide one of most assured and long lasting products with vast customisation of Mi user interface that is based on android operating system.

After that it comes up with other branded products such as shoes, wrist brands, televisions and so on and provides excellent ways for low cost products which becomes powerful and circulating in large numbers and people went for buying such products due to cost effective and long lasting of products.

Redmi Note 4 is the comparatively newer products as its revenues crosses one billion marks and that is the perfect testimony how successful this product has been and the way people of this nations has been buying this smartphone. When Samsung phones failed to provide such price margin Xiaomi comes into market to grab such in order to provide cost per product and in making and distributing and reaching smartphone experience to larger decibel of people.

This product is made of all over metal body and this is almost same as that of Redmi Note 3 and 3S. It comes up with Qualcomm chip. Presence of rear camera with dual led flash and the presence of fingerprint sensor makes it easier to access and secure phone more. The power and volume buttons are in the right and slightly below from the top of right so as to hold the phone without touching these phones comfortably.

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you can hold this phone with one hand and it is one gram heavier than its previous version of same series of phones and even one handed operation becomes ot so difficult with this phone. It comes up with 5.5 inch full high definition display and its razor sharp image make worth viewing experience. The reading mode viewing experience provides display with slightly reddish sharpness makes reading of anything worth for while using this device.

There is also good amount of settings inside adjusting the brightness level as this makes using the smartphone more comfortable. It comes up with three RAM variants with inbuilt storages and the prices slightly become up and down within these specifications. It comes up with external storages facility of 128 GB, where as this external storage facility in Redmi Note 3 phone comes up with 32 GB variants.

It comes up with 4100 battery slightly bigger than Redmi Note 3 variants. It comes up with 13 GB back and 5GB front facing camera. Picture quality is good and provides extremely lighter version of phone and this makes running of camera with Google Photos unlimited backup options makes it most vital part of good camera phone. It has no NFC connectivity and it comes up with 4G and volte which makes co=all quality extremely nice and convenient to use.

It comes up with Android 6 and the MiUi interface with android 6 comes up with more smoother and faster mobile touching experience. It has MiUI 8 and for the first time gallery app is there and it backed up images and provides editing and other animations feature, and it becomes more fluid interface. It has also lesser use quick ball feature and it provides user five short cuts, i order to run any of top five apps with greater and faster speeds. This feature is there in MiUi 10 also.

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It has dual aps and second space feature. It has two of most outstanding features which is more towards privacy related. With dual ap two instances of the same app can be created and this way , certain apps such as future pay, whats app, facebook can have instances of two app on one phone with two simultaneous running of google services all at one go.

With Second space another partition with another Google account can be created and this way one profile for home another profile for office can easily be created and this way it can work like an enterprise way to manage two simultaneous accounts all at one go. The inbuilt dialer app of Xiaomi is light now and opens faster than Google’s contact app and this make running of these apps within splash of seconds.

With its revamped message version important sms from banks, railways tickets all can be saved to separate folders in order to see prioritisation of all informations and this makes easier for users to find and known about what informations should be at what folder. The themes app provides huge collection of wallpapers, ringtones, themes and so on to customise your phone further with your own list of theme customisation.

There are number of preloaded apps from Xiaomi but sadly even at the stage with MiUi 10 one cannot delete or uninstall such large number f preloaded apps and most of these apps comes up with its own set up advertisements. even its security software comes u with advertisements, its music and video app also has the similar state of providing advertising from time to time and this way it provides one of annoyances but you cannot remove such adverts with any such possibility.

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Its camera quality has vast improvement that its predecessor and provides some prebuilt forms as well as its internal viewing parameters comes up with more lighting toprovie excellent camera function and quality. It comes up with non-removable battery and its performance is good in normal smart phone working experiences.

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