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This article is about saving the environment. Environment is essential for life of humans. In the recent super cyclone Fani at Puri many trees are uprooted and entire Puri town looks alike a barren land. There has been many ancient trees in and around Governor House road but sadly most of these bigger trees are uprooted with speed of wind force.

With due course of time, due to the rise of civilisation and reaching of many people and pilgrims in and around Puri we saw a vast increase of hotels and most of these are situated at government owned lands but perhaps due to presence of large amount of political pressure and authorisation the growth of these hotels makes trees to cut down and in the place bigger cement structures stands out there.

That removes all of these larger trees from the coast of sea and that cannot stop high force winds from crossing lands and reaching to the Puri town and then make mayhem to the town of Puri. What it intends to provide is that, the vital part of saving the environment is to plant trees and use eco friendly essentials so that ultimately, it provides a suitable environment were there will be reduction of natural disasters.

Recent occurrence of Cyclone Fani justifies that if there at all trees not cut as this like now, then the much of such devastation in the form of cyclone hitting over and above 300 kilometers per hour at the landfall inside heart of Puri town.

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In the recent marriage ceremony when we left from lunch, at the gate of it ladies are presenting small plants to guests and that signifies the importance of planting of trees and aftermath such a severe cyclone the planting of trees are becoming more and more essential. It is important to find out which trees are stronger against the fast paced wind and then plant those trees inside of yours garden so that it will stop force of winds and the destruction comes from it must be on lower side.

In this 2019 Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra at many campls we can find the presence of free distribution of plants to people and urges the to plant these trees inside their garden so as to work as a cover up for fast paced wind. In Whatever circumstances be it any citizen of nation must see that there would not be any destruction to the environment and protection of environment and save nature must be there for each and every citizen to see that the world and the environmental protection must work in singular and unique manner.

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