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Throughout all of these years when Google becomes, the number one search engine sand it can be found everywhere and it becomes most essential part of landing into internet whenever we reach for any immediate and intentional semantic search. At first Google becomes a convenient way to search anything from internet. As most of the internet is filled with so many websites that are becoming fast essential for absolute true search to find anything vital in our life.

Now with the introduction of Android, Google search engines included as an essential part of understanding of how to find relevant search engine. Now, Google Apps which aims to provide intelligent article selection just for the account you have intended, provies and examines the intention of yours search from all of Google Apps and then it provides relevant and most frequent for of search essentials that makes the running of intended searches slightly permanent to think about it.

Google is like a butterfly in our wallets. Think about a movie sequence of Patch Adams (1989) where Patch is sad and want to running out from all the good works he had done only becasue he thinks he is respnsible, for his best friend’s death but when he reached to a barren land and at the top of the mountain and does find that he is only between, the death and the life and if he suicide by jumping from that top of mountain and then he could reach to his beloved where she is perceived to be nerarer to God.

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When the plums of winds move and he look behind and see his wallet, a nice butterfly is touching the wallet and he found the real time and energy of how his beloved wants him to do so, and then he found the way what he wants it to become and then he moved towards the most wonderful part time, of management of life where he finds that Google is such a prominent part of life and that makes the part of living of intelligent search engines towards the betterment of life.

In the meantime, when we find anything relevant such as Google Assistant which is similar to that of search engine but interactive searches and that provides real time information management to persons who reach towards the most management of life and essential incident of life, and find the essential information that works for life and most time management for people where relevant search engines which removes the period of time so that ours most essential part of life, always reached towards meaningful meanings of life that makes the management of life essential most part of life and business management towards the most essential solving of life towards excellence.

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