How do Tigers Benefit the Environment?

Today is 29th July 2019. It is known as World Tiger Day. It is observed to remember to preserve tiger populations in the world. It also helps to provide good amount of living standards for people as they help to environment good and helps to have good amount of rain and most of water rivers which provides plenty of water comes from these localities.

When humans stay and circulate all over earth in different land places ultimately it allows many of animals for domesticate purposes and they grow with humans side by side and other animals which are likely to be crueler stayed outside civilisation out of dense locality. They stayed inside jungles and with due course of time governments makes it well protected jungles so that cruel animals and wild animals stays protected from poachers and thieves.

There was a time when almost more than half of tiger of the world existed in India out of total tiger population of the world. Now, it is reduced to bare minimum but thanks to some of positive government steps it is now increasing due to the presence of over 80 tiger reserves all over India. In these places tigers are preserved and outside packers and other thieves are stopped from entering into these reserves.

Preserving tigers are boon for society. It provides one of enormous balance of environment so that  humans live with quite satisfied stage with it. Where tiger stays the forest becomes desnes and the presence of other animals provide excellent opportunities for environment. Most of water reservoir and origin of water comes from the side of tiger reserves and it becomes well protected and due to fear of them people who tend to ut trees tend to be frightened for it and trees stays ad it balances the environment.

Most of tiger reserve forests are rain fed and in those locality there used to be high amount of rain due to presence of dense forests and that makes the side by side the environment nearby side makes it most fruitful and advantageous for people who lived in the locality Where there are tiger reserves which means generation of large amount of tigers and this means rain becomes on high side and then the presence of oxygen and presence of water comes with high amount quantity and that makes the living standards of people to the higher side and this is the environment friendly and that provides the absolute amount of living in these locality.

There are three types of tigers in India. One is normal tigers or white tigers mostly seen in Odisha and they are renowned for their beauty and look and being very popular all over the world and predominantly found in Odisha jungles and these tigers are in demand and one time the number of them were far less and now it is increasing due to good government policies.

The second class of tiger is Mahaballa or powerful tigers. They Are very powerful and have the similar look that of king of jungle Lions. Mostly the jungles in and around those areas are dense forests and then the flow of water in those areas are on the higher side and this means they are environmentally friendly.

The third class of tiger found in India is that of Bengal Tigers and they are found in Sunderbans of west Bengals. They are very clever and when people visit into the jungles of Sunderbans use to have masks at the opposite side  of face mask as these tigers attack from behind when you are completely unaware of the environment of where the tiger is as these tigers do not attack when you face them and that is why people visiting these places used to have face mask at the behind to let the tiger understand that even from behind they are looking at them. These tigers are very clever.

The another class of tiger is leopard or cheetah tiger. They are fastest runner of any animal calculated so far. Their body is constituted in such a way that they can run at superlative speed and then stops within pulse of seconds to divert the direction of running.

All of these class of tigers in accumulation provide excellent environment for people living by the side of it. In the earlier times due to the presence of poaching and demand for their skins many tigers got killed but now the situation is different and with the preservation of tigers now the environment as well as the rain and water power increases and last but the least due to the presence of large number of trees the amount of oxygen increases and it is safe for environment of earth.

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