An unbelievable and shocking experience

She woke up suddenly with some surprised presence of some invisible. It is the feeling no one can sustain and able to describe in full detail as it deals with personal experience and in that specified time one should not realize why such thing happens and during that moment the entire world seemed to be staying where it is as so surprising many as such. She feels something touched her shoulder as she was in the state of deep sleep. This could be the result of profound sleep. Maybe it is right but absolutely this is not the perfect solution for her to realize. When she woke up she realized that her upper part of dress has been half removed, as it is not possible in any such case as since childhood she has been sleeping with due care so she does not sleep like this, as this gave her the perfect surprise and plenty of food for thoughts. In fact she switched on the light and on the front side there is a vast mirror and from there at the bed she can look and gaze herself from there, easily and what she realized is more terrifying and surprised at the state of things she is currently in there.

It was eight in the evening as it seemed to her that she had been sleeping in the meaningful sense of dreams for more than one hour. She woke up feeling of something and what is that feeling she is yet to determine it and try to find it. Mortality is reasonable animal and for these humans always try to find out the basic reasoning behind all these actions and try to satisfy the justifications of all these happenings around here and there. In this case, all these actions are not suitable for her impeccable sense of reasoning and for this she tries to find out the real meaning of life here. She is pretty sure that something touch her and that breaks her deep sleep there and for this she is now beginning to find the real meaning of it, as girl she is pretty sure that something has touched her as the skin and the senses of girl are always sensitive and also it seems that they have more than one sense and for this there is no two thoughts that no one touched her, it is a perfect set that something had touched her and this is the right time to find out what is behind it.

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She is also pretty sure with absolute certainty that in the bath room someone is in her behind though she could not spot that but she finds out from the sense of touch she had received from that strange and mysterious circumstances that has been there and also she felt something deeper sense of other side of the world and it is high time for her to find out the root cause of these as it is her home and she had to stay here with equal ease and she does not ran away from the problem in the wildest of imaginations and it is high time to work in the perfect manner and also drive out the cause of fear from her so that she would be feeling the sense of relief inside of it. She watched herself to the front mirror and she tries to stare herself from there to know what had exactly happened to her and in the mean time she was shocked to see that her inner at the upper part of the body is missing and this was the real shocker for her. As for the night, when she goes into the bed at that time as per health advices she removed her upper and lower inner but not during the sleeping in the evening. As that time was the time when the sun was just sinking from the horizon, she was tired due to long six hours and then she slept there and hoping to getting up from the bed during eight or nine in the evening and from there, she was surprised that how she could not wake up as it is for sure that something invisible has removed her upper inner and she could not know while sleeping and how come it has just been happened there a surprising aspect and for the first time she was surprised at the state of events here and for this she is wondering what else has happened to her and she is now becoming more and more serious to this aspect of life and slowly moving into a deep sense of thinking and for this the real challenge for the time being is to find out where is her inner and how it has been done?

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Then she looked herself and realized that her blouse is intact but the inner is not there, so if some invisible hand has taken away her upper inner then that hand should have removed the blouse first as it was fitly in her body and for this that hand should have removed all the buttons all by itself and then that hand should have removed the blouse completely, then that hand should have removed the tight inner, by moving her to back side a completely flip off and then removed the lock and then removed it completely form her shoulder and then that hand should have wearing her blouse again, and then flipped her again to the front position the posture she used to sleep for normal sleeping. All these things have happened and it is surprising that she could not detect or understand anything in between a surprising aspect and she is sure something different have happened from the invisible hand and that process if at all done by any individual then she should have woke up while during the unbuttoning of her blouse so it is something that she had to find out which is invisible and which does not have any such base to contend with. She is surprised at the state of things as she could not find out the root cause of what is happening here as with due course of time she could not comprehend what has happened to her during her sleep time and she was also worried about as during the process of this strange work what has been done to her body as she is not able to remember anything from here in any stretch of imagination at the wildest possible angle in the gravest sense. She is equally terrifying and surprised to see all these happenings and could not comprehend the series of events that has been unfolded one after another and could not realize from where to begin the process of unreasonable happenings that has been proving a sense of practical gesture to her.

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