The Three essential components that all quality blog posts should have

It is true that , I have been blogging for about more than five years now, at first this blog was started as hobby and slowly with times passed on I was more serious and started to write more and more deeply involved subjects that earlier ones , at first I wrote mostly on technology and then slowly moved towards more and more organised subjects that could have better impact on the readers.

During these experience , I had tried to garner more and more knowledge about efficacious of blog and other deeply rooted elements that could have given more prominence that it would have thought . So, fat still to date , I learned that all these had been the learning process and with due course of time you would be learning more and more with some great on the spot happenings about each and every subjects.

It was also true that blogging was a phenomena which was not doing by everyone 10 years ago but now it was being taken over by many and many have gone to the extent of deriving it to some sumptuous manner towards most deserving and highly pedantic platforms that could have some of the most vivid

and color towards making it more that some of the related personal diaries which they always told that should not have been the case with it . It was also that authors now wanted their writings to be seen with internet , they wanted it to be everywhere and it should be read and commented and they wanted visitors and a good opinions.

It was also true that it was hard to get good , quality visitors and also the way they could be here did not sufficiently guaranteed that they were real or not and perhaps there were some ways these could be detected but not so sufficient way that could be attained so as a writer it should be your duty to create good quality contents without worrying about any such of serious traffic as it would come automatically and you did not have to worry about it though.

The title

should be such that it should attract user’s imagination and with it they could be reaching out to you and also your writing as we said one person’s worth came with its appearances , and so did it say that , suppose you had gone to a marriage party and there , you had torn clothes , though you were a affluent person that did not matter as people would feel otherwise, similarly in some other cases if you went there with nice clothes on and then people would recognizes you.

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Take one more example , in movies, when protagonist became poor , then all the world seemingly feel upon him and he wore turn clothes and similarly in these circumstances , his cloth symbolism that he was poor and many people won’t notice him so that was the headline , it was like that of a dress apparel of a blog and if it was catchy and meaningful then people would came to your blog and read , as with searches on only the headline or the title of article was bold and that attracted it to its most and then people would come at you similarly , if your blog title was good then it could bring more visitors as we had seen with Twitter, we had been seen only the headlines of articles and that was meaningful and if it was being read by many then it was the catchy title that attracts all of us, so this concluded that with a catchy title and a meaningful one that could bring more and more meaningfulness for the subject then , it could have the potentiality to attract more and more visitors for your blog as visibility of your website would be with Google and Twitter more and more .

Try to write about a specific subjects on any title so that the number would show you the number of meaningful attributes about the subject which you would like to write it on . It should be like , people getting some thing inside information and that could give more and more information for the user by studying articles and this would be great proportion for the readers to read the entire article in general .

The opener

should be touchy on the related subject that was with the headlines and it should have some sort of related information , it was for sure that blogs were very conversational and talkative and it should act as the talking into one another and the opener should be related to subjects that could have given the entire prospects of information to it.

You should be justifying your information with some real time statistics and observation as you would be gathering and if you were not doing this personally , then it was better to have given some of the most deserving aspects of it like that of some other statistics and then you should give it as the source and with it at the opening you could be giving the barge of information to user.

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Why opening of each article was important as , in cricket the most sufficient and anticipated happenings was that of the role of opener as , if they happened to do some good batting and good partnerships then the residual effect was that of a good score by the team as the logic there be could be whatever be it be but the real phenomena and the attractive action was that it was the sheer opening partnership that would enable the team to score more and more , so if the scoring pattern of team was like that of a blog then opener were like that of blog opener and many parts of success depended on them.

From , here the audiences would see the entire article and would love to read them and they could experience the real time annotations with theses fantastic opener. It was you who would write it creatively with each of meaningful documentation and with it the surge of anticipated existence did come out.

Good look

of your blog was significant and it should not be over awed with plenty of advertisements and other related JavaScript and css and it should load within minimum specified time and the user did not have to wait it for long to open as there were many websites out in open with same subjects and if your blog loads after many minutes then the user would simply close tab and open one more website it was very easy for them.

Here is the “Tips To Speed Up Your Page Load Time” I had written one post and from here you could know some good things about speeding up your pages and it was necessary as it would make your web page faster and also try to install less widgets and did not install those widgets that were going to connect the third party websites as this would take time to load the page.

Take one example , in the cricket match , when the batter or batsman got out in whichever manner, then he went out from ground and then the new batsman for his replaceable came in to ground within specified time limits and if that batter did not reach the ground , the boundary line within specified seconds then he was called “Timed out” , this was particularly important in this context , as the significance of time was always there and that was why , you might not want your blog to be given as time out and people worried about your page loading just get out of it and then open some other web sites.

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Good look was always attractive and with it , the particular frame of action and the first reaction was that a thing of beauty was a joy forever and that was why it should be easier , but that did not mean that you would take a heavy theme , in case of blogger simple theme with customization would be more that sufficient and it had good load time.

Beauty was not about making it fairer but it was about enabling the simplicity just like the upper hump of bull it was simple and with good attractiveness , nothing had to worry about it at all. With proper formatting and brighter look and god page loading time your blog would more that it was anticipated and the attractiveness did go beyond and far side of it. That would make the user to stick with your post till the end and then give valuable opinions. Think about it, compare the blog with your life , as with life you would always went for comfort and good look and healthy life style would you agree to give it back to your blog , think about it?

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