The State of divine attainment

When we go for spirituality during weekends especially some questions are there for some when they think that what is the state of complete divine attainment. Some say why Gods does not appear in front and why ours sufferings and depressions are not eliminated instantly by God and Goddesses. This is natural for some and some does not want any question about it as they follow the path of complete and blind devotion.

All of these questions comes to the mind what could have been the state of complete and absolute attainment. This possesses not only reaching nearer to the God but move forward reaching towards the holy path which Lord always possesses. From time to time when we are i the state of dire straits, we do find the trace of some supernatural powers bestowing showers of blessings upon us and that moments of life where we can feel the presence of Lord jagannath.

Suppose you are with yours close relative in a hospital for critical treatment and all of a sudden you find the need of some lumpsum amount but you have not that amount and suddenly some doctors of that hospital comes forward an offer to not to take their fees and that moment becomes one of divine attainments and you will find the presence of Lord Jagannath besides you. 

In this way during the course of difficult times you find all of a sudden the absolute presence of Lord of Universe Lord Jagannath in front of you with blessings and solving difficult task all with complete ease. From time to time during the course of yours life time you will find some invisible hand helping you out. 

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I am writing such a situation where during weekend I fond of driving to a distant place and especially to some hill roads and find solace of peace and accumulate all of these so that I could maintain and attend such the state of absolute eternity during the whole week of work hazards. While driving in the middle of the road I found that the level of petrol is on the decrease and sadly I forget to bring back the reserved tanker of petrol which I have always in my garage.

What can I do in such a difficult situation and how come I stay in this jungle and I heard about the presence of dangerous animals in this jungle. In the meantime I found one valley with some shops and then I went thee and ask whether I could find refueling shops and from one of them one said that for kilometers there is no shop and at nine pm all of them used to go to their home as in this valley lions and tigers used to come to drinkwater from the nearby river.

This means that I could not even stay at night in the smaller shops and this is going to be difficult situation considering I came with  open car and this means that I am vulnerable to attacks from these wild animals which are supposed to reach here during any point of time in the night. In the meantime from the background of that locality all of a sudden comes a vehicle with broad light and the person who is inside that car is not visible due to presence of indeeper of light.

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A known tone comes from that car and it is all about my school friend who happens to stay here after completing his engineering and then management and works for the betterment of tribals and the natives of those places. It is my old friend Thandu and the smile of greetings comes with us and then he asked for the problem and said that I should be at his guest house this night and in the morning he would send people to bring petrol so that I can refuel the vehicle and went back home.

It is like  to have the occurrence of the miracle otherwise with the open vehicle and without petrol in it I could have been the prey to the incoming wild animals on that valley. During the course of various life events we do find plenty of such instances of attainment of divine help which makes us feel the presence of some of the invisible hands in helping out from these difficult and dynamic situations. 

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