The Facebook Complex

Facebook is a popular social-networking platform. It uses by millions world wide. Sometimes people calls it fakebook. With due course of time facebook, implemented security features which impels people to provide real-time information. What we do find in timeline the series of people’s development and their desire to share various activities.

What is sad is that, when we do see series of timeline of information of others we failed to compare it with ours live and that ultimately provides sadness when we do not compare our lives with others. When we do compares then comes the facebook complex, where it shows the series of information when we do compare with each other.

What we do not known much about it, is that the sharing of information of others is absolutely correct or not but what it prompts is that it immediately shows in accordance with privacy information management and that makes it realise is that immediately compares with others and that is the facebook complex what we do find out.

So, it comes out of stress as these stresses comes when we do see the series of Facebook timeline and compares with each other, and suddenly we do find more and more stress points while seeing good things of others. Why one should, go and buy stresses from facebook timeline and this is the most wonderful point where we should find the pace of calmness here.

All of these are complexes as there is no guarantee of true information anywhere but still we do find more and more stress points after seeing the showcase of information, in the series of most of fake information or data which many a times becomes unbearable for some.

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All of these are the first important task is to find out, what is more important for us the peaceful mind or taking show caused stresses and that makes us to understand the finite information where everything should go with us not with any of these unintended information management that makes the life better and for a better and stress free life we should move towards complete less stressful life.

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