Pahandi Bije of Lord Jagannath

Jagannath Pahandi is a colloquial word of Odia language, and this means Jagannath the Lord of the Universe comes out of sanctum sanctorum of Lord Jagannath Temple and then move to grand road in order to see people on the road and reduce pain and suffering of people and help them to come out of it.

Lords of trinity also known as People’s Lord and he comes out once in a year during holy festival  of car festival. It is known worldwide and it has been there for many years and it continues to drive more and more people to holy city of Puri town. Servitor of Jagannath temple continues to carry Lords to the cars or holy raths and then people world wide drive cars to the temple just opposite at the other side of grand road. 

After taking baths with plenty of water in the holy festival of Snan Purnima which in english known as holy bathing festival and that showcase how Lord staying at the earth feels heat like all of us and in order to find solace Lords take baths in water and this is one of the most amazing facts of Lord, where people feel the presence of Lord nearer to them and find complete solace with it.

Jagannath Pahandi begins with bathing festival and then walking of Lord from sanctum sanctorum, and them move out and move through Anand bazar, the place where no one goes without food, and then move through twenty two steps and slowly moving to the cars and begin the festival of Holy Car festival and comes to see millions of people who waits to see glimpse of Lord and complete solace.

He is Lord of common people. He cannot stay inside temple all the time. He comes out of the temple, to move towards grand road to show His presence to people and back to them all the time. People feel Lord walks just like them, feel the presence of summer like them and comes into the road to show to people who are unable to see the Lord and provide glimpses of His brilliance to them. 

Jagannath Pahandi or walking of Lord from holy sanctum sanctorum towards the road out of holy temple provides wonderful glimpses of people to make them feel at home empower them to live in this world peacefully and this empowers people to fight all odds and empowers them to fight against all the odds of life and come victorious for them.

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