Mother Nature

When we think about how much help we do find from nature and how mother nature is helping us to find a way of life and live a happy life then we do find how nature is helping us to find a better way of life and what we deserve that needs to find in the earth.

In the Hindus religious books we do find what we call India as Bharat Mata or Mother Nature and then we see how we should take care of our mother and mother always thinks the best of our health and well-being. In a recent marriage ceremony when me and my father went there and after reception they were giving away, samples of trees to be planted at home and this way, they are supporting the well being of nature and that is the most important part of securing us.

In the recent cyclone of Fani, we see the devastating effects of super cyclone touching the shore and town with more than 300 km per hour and then destroying everything that comes in front of it. From time to time the protective trees that are plated naturally at various sources nearer to sea shore illegally cut off and then, build up cement structures, and then create hotels and those failed to obstruct such high-speed cyclones.

This means the government of the day failed to protect mother nature and that is the case and such devastation could not be there but it happened and when you fail to protect. Mother nature then mother nature also failed to protect you.

This is a clear reminder to protect mother nature. Plant trees, continue to maintain trees and plant more and more trees and always preserve yours hands to attend the prosperity of yours life in order to find the best way to attend the most possible high-end life.

Earth is so far the most unique part of life and the planet where there is evident of life is here and so far we do not find any such other planets where life can sustain out there. It is our responsibility to preserve life inside earth as it is ours universal responsibility for all of us.

Lesser use of natural gas or petroleum products, does provide an excellent way to organise, and safeguard mother nature. Use of battery or CNG inside public vehicle is an excellent way to organise and management of removal of pollution in and around yours locality. Plant large number of trees and let it safe earth and save Ozone gas emission levels. Treat earth as yours mother or Goddess and treat it with that and ultimately, treat it with proper care.

Ultimately, you will find the solace of living with a good nature so that ultimately, we do find that when most people, treat, earth and save environment ultimately they will find a better place to live inside earth. We should concentrate and treat most of our times in preserving the earth for ultimate, conservation of earth or environment where we do find better and management of life living inside earth.

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