Mist-draped nature

In the darkest hours, where no one is there to subtle and when only the sounds of silence of lambs come crippling into entire arena, the same place is preoccupied and becomes the home for it. At the darkest hour, in the midst of the coldest night it stands alone amidst deep dungeons circling all around with many similar faces.

Seasons gone by and seasons cometh. It becomes steady and strong with large heights and longer reach. From the below, it could give a feeling up 15 storied building structures which no one ever has imagined. It hears some sounds from a distance, as it could not show the feeling nor it could not run away from that scenario, it has to stay all along steady and still. It has been

for years at the same place, but never ever feels any sort of boring from it. It gives immense pleasure and satisfaction in giving away the shadows to travelers as well as giving away

the fruits to hungry persons. So far for numerous years, it has been making all kinds of philanthropic works which no one ever could match. However, what a generous heart of it that it is not going to advertise about it at all places as it is not necessary.

It deals with only work and nothing more of it. In the mean times a grasshopper ride on it and started eating leaves and it is doing all the time and sometimes it gives pain but it cannot utter a single word as for this many would believe it does not hurt it anymore which is not actually true.

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It is life there and many a time due to this misadventure, extreme pain is there but cannot be describable. It is one of utter dissonance that all these utterances cannot be heard. All these utterances can be heard by it neighbor and the analogous feelings also meeting out both of them.

It cannot cry, it cannot create loud knowledge, it cannot stop people from destroying it, it only stays still and waiting for others to come here and stay on its shadow. Suddenly, there are too many sounds to bear. It become surprised to hear these and waiting to see what happened. It feels frightened, but it cannot escape from these scenes at any point of time so there should not be any sort of waste of energy there. It cannot run from there as it has to wait what is the reason behind this.

It is early morning, of the winter season, a group of people reached there with many food items and they sat there. It seems they have reached there for a picnic. They cut trees from there and make temporary cooking there. They were almost 20 people of both ladies and gents and huge food preparation goes on. They cut trees and prepare food under shadows of it and then after preparation they eat foods and then go away from there.

It stands there and sees how the entire area is dirties with rotten foods and nothing has been cleared or cleaned at this picnic party. They do not know it has a life but it cannot move like them and how it is going to stay there in a dirtier environment? Should they be staying there like this situation, it is easier to say and done. Counts of thoughts rises from its mind but sad that it cannot clean or cannot address them to clean that surface properly.

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