Manifest Mismatch Error while downloading video call in Jio Phone

Jio feature phone is finally out in the market and now in the hands of most users who preferred for it. It is the 4G phone can only run with Reliance Jio sim. This sim comes pre-installed with the phone and activated and while buying or activating the phone one should provide Adhar no. and biometric thumb impression to activate it. Even if you miss the bus of registering the phone still you can buy it and this process is as follows.

First you should have one Jio phone or sim and then go to the Lyf website and from there, register your interest in buying the feature phone and provide email and jio phone number yet you have it and then wait for the messages.

Jio Phone specifications

Then, on the jio phone or sim one message will be reaching to you about confirming that you want to have interest in buying this phone and for this you have to confirm through the designated website in that message or provide the miss call with the number given. Then after some days there will be a message for you that. “Thank you for confirming your interest in Jio Phone. Now available at a Jio Store near you. Limited Stocks.” Team Jio.

Just reach out the Jio store or Jio mini store nearer to your location and there show them the message and do remember to take your phone where you received the message as well as the Aadhar Card so that you will be providing them the biometric thumb impression and then the phone is up for grabs.

The box is well laminated and properly covered and you have to need one knife or scissor to open that well closed box and then you will find the battery, jio phone with pre-built sim in it and it is activated and then the charging wire and there is now ear phone and that is not a big deal considering that you have to spend only 1500 Indian rupees as well as while buying out the phone you will have to pay 153 Indian rupees so that you have 500 gb of daily data for 28 days.

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Jio Phone unboxing

The phone was not a touch screen phone but it had T9 keyboard, which we did find in old Nokia and Samsung phones from almost two decades ago. The display is TFT and it is quite clearer and the screen size with the normal feature phone in the old era has been.

This makes the viewing of the phone easier and comfortable. Most of the keys have special icons and by long pressing the key, most of other functions open and that makes this feature phone something special than others.

jio phone display

It comes with 2000 mAh batteries as well as it comes with FM without wireless FM, most of important Jio apps, built in the camera, inbuilt WIFi and NFC which means it has a futuristic view while using this phone and this phone supports Digital India Initiative.

It has no android operating system. It has KaiOS which is a forked or revamped version of FirefoxOS. It is implemented in the lightest version of hardware and is it is web-based HTML 5 operating systems. It has 4GB internal storage and 128 GB external storage options. It can be performed in Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. Though, with its inbuilt browser one can open face book, twitter websites.

Jio Phone

These phones come equipped with two variants of processors such as Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and the other variant is spreadtrum processor. Due to such level of connecting experience is the must have a need for this.

Manifest Mismatch Error:

The best feature of Jio feature phone is the ability to perform video call. At first sight after unboxing of the phone one would find that there is no video call app in it. So first go through Jio Store app and then go into it and then there at first you will find that ‘Jio Video Call’ app and click to download and wait for some time but surprisingly this will not be downloaded. The error will be shown as ‘Manifest Mismatch Error’ and after several try for download you will still not find the way to install it and here is the solution of this.

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Go to ‘Settings’ and enter into it, then go to ‘Device’ and then to ‘Device Information’, then scroll down to ‘Lyf Software Update’ and then click on it to update it and it will take mostly of 20 minutes to update automatically and then, it will automatic restarts the Phone. It is important to charge fully before doing the update function as well as connect the phone electricity so that during updating of phone there will not be any shortfall of charging.

Then, phone will be automatically will install the new updates and wait for some time, and then it will come to default dashboard and now you will find that Jio Video call app is now installed. This is the basic process. The second process is to be done with another Jio sim phone with which you want to talk with a video call.

Now, supposedly you have android phone powered with Jio sim and now download and install Jio Chat app from Android play store book. It is a must to install Jio chat on other, phone so that it should be recognized on jio feature phone.

Add that number on contract book of Jio feature phone and then you are done and now when you want to do the video call from Jio feature phone to android phone powered by Jio, then you can use the jio video phone app and that android which has jio sim and jio chat installed then the video call can be done with both the phones.

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In short one has to update the feature phone as soon as updating you need to have to connect to current or electricity. Then please wait for complete software updates. Then use on the other android phone which has other jio sim and you intended to have the video call with that phone from feature phone, and install Jio Chat on that android phone, and activate it and then the follow the above procedure to make video call from Jio feature phone to do android phones.

Always remember that Jio phone or this feature phone of Jio only supports 4G of only Jio and Volte of only Jio network. It has sensor feature like GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC. It has single Sim and the default storage has 900mb storage for multimedia contents and apart from it has 128 external memory storage and 1.1 gb of default installation is for apps installation.

Moreover I am fond of this phone, with its classy design and it is for rough use as well as that for use of day to day activities and it is intended for use as the secondary phone to be used. My first impression with this Jio phone has been very impressive and positive and I hope people continue to provide more positive gestures to these wonderful offers from Reliance Jio.

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