How to create Protective Nanobots Security Environment?

Nanobots are tiniest particles and smaller than atoms and molecules. Nanobots when composed of provides, extremely helpful actions but the most difficult problem is to see these nanobots and make humongous number of such particles so that ultimately this behaves exactly different actions than in normal circumstances.

We as humans tend to find more and more repetitive actions and reactions with relation with chemical composition of atoms and molecules. They behave in a predictive manner and for this we cannot move sideways or other dimensions where we cannot easily find the traces of fourth and additional dimension in crossing the puzzle of the universe.

The ultimate puzzle of the universe is to find out the dimension in which the entire universe is there so that we can easily get over the time space format in order to reach beyond stages of universe where it always take more and more time to reach and the life of humans cannot sustain these journey.

We have seen suspended hibernation of humans in many movies but still these are incomplete concepts and even in these movies we do find that there are chances of abruptness during space journey die to the presence of various wavelengths and difficulties during the course of the journey.

When we move to space voyages we do find that we have to calculate distances in terms of space time available to us such as space voyages and in these scenarios we do see there are more dimensions if these are calculated and formed and we find the solutions of it then we can move beyond and find the real time solutions to solve these mysteries and find the real and shortest possible distance.

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In space we still haven’t found the solution to move beyond time. In case we try to find the solutions to move the space with the speed of time and still we will get more in terms of years to reach to the space that is beyond our limits. So, in this case the findings of other dimensions which of course is hidden in normal eyes of humans and in this case the use of nanobots in completing these phenomenon would find the better and well-managed way to reach beyond the stages of course of spaces.

Insead of finding solutions to move beyond the scope of time and provide solutions to find suspended hibernation we should find ways to search for how to find the other dimensions so that, the puzzle of solving out dimensions and move beyond the time within space to reach to other destinations within the shortest possible of time.

Nanobots are the smallest part of atoms and hardly visible to the normal eye and when millions of nanobots of similar in nature, are combined to form the objects, then that objects behaves in a different manner to the similar objects made of atoms. This way while constructing everything through possibility of nanobots we can reach to the state of such objects which can solve the mysteries behind dimensions and solving puzzles of universe.

The problem with nanobots is that it is so small even specialised machines is the need of the hour. Machines not similar to that of normal machines and the need to build structure with nanobots takes millions of nanobots with similar nature and characteristics. Creating single nanobot takes years and creating such numerous nanobots will not be finished during the life span of scientists. So, it is important to create such machines that will make nanobots within seconds and this does not happen until now.

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If that happens and we create space shuttle made of nanobots, then ultimately, we do find that creations of such space shuttle is still a difficult one and for this we have to take such impact of creating such machines where we could find that creations of nanobots do take minimum of times as creating a space shuttle with it does take time, and need millions of millions of nanobots to have such impact.

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