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For some life, is a bed of roses all the way and for some it is the thorns that hurt most. It is a Sunday morning, as usual, she rises from bed late, and she sleeps for one more hour. She knows that, throughout the week she has been studying day in and day out, with plenty of concentration and for this she always takes a rest on Sundays. She waits for this day for the entire week and always takes rest for some more hours so that she can complement the lost hours sleep, throughout the night. She is reading in standard eight and a bright student. She looks at the sky from beneath the window; it is a perfect day with brighter sunlight laminating all around like a bed of roses and she mostly has the passion for sunlight as the heat of the day is good for the skin. So, she decides to go to balcony after finishing her essential chores activities, and to enjoy the bright sun ray, there at the top, and she also wants to have the sunbath as in this hill town, there is hardly any instances of sun appearing on Sundays and this is a perfect setting for her.

She takes the bad tea and stays there for a few minutes and then within ten minutes, she arranges the night bed in order, and subsequently closes the screen of windows and went to the kitchen and stand there near the sink to clean the teeth. There is a time, when she has toothache, and for this, she is using medicated toothpaste and after few minutes, she reaches near to windows pane and glad to see the new tree which she had planted few days ago, has new leaves, it is so lively and fresh leaves and for this she wants to touch these light green new leaves, but then realizes that, it can cause hazard to their health, so she withdraws her hand immediately without touching the leaves. Those beautiful leaves are so enchanting and so agile, that it gives the intension of life and new born free and the proud feeling of trees can be visible, the way it is vibrating with winds, the open hearted wind feeling has been there. She can see the feeling of trees and as if she is thanking her for care, and water she has been giving without any delay and regularly planting and taking extra care to the trees.

In the meantime she switches off the television set, it is running non stop throughout the night, she always forgets to switch it off. In the morning, she always thinks that, she should have switched off before sleeping, but always fails to do so. It is bad for energy conservation, and bad for electricity and bad for the life of television picture tubes, so everything is bad about this, like everyday she promises herself not to do it again and she then, enters into bathroom to have bath. Within a few minutes, she comes out of the bathroom and then, gets back the night dresses with inners, to wash it off. They have domestic help to do all these activities, but still the night dress and the inners she always like to wash all by herself, as it is the practice she had been doing since she has touch the maturation and her mother has told her to wash the night dresses before taking bath all by herself and then she also has the habit of washing her inners all by herself and this has become somewhat a daily habit, and for this she clean and then, keeps all these in a bucket. Now, it is time to comb hair and make some geological makeup before going to balcony to have a sunbath.

She wears a two piece dresses, as nowadays this dress while staying in the home has been a great comfortable for her and in order to roam free inside home and has the relaxing of being sent here and there without any worries. Then, she combs her hair, as she has the special attraction of combing hair and has a fair deal of knowledge, and continuously adding knowledge from various sources, like that of hearsays, monthly magazines and also from Internet sources. She is an avid reader and also surf internet to know various facts about beauty products and how to do homemade beauty back ups and other essentials facials. She used to have talk with her friends about all these make ups and how to make it and what are the truthfulness about it and also they discuss in detail about all these, she writes blog about it on her own experience of how to make these ho homemade facials and how these can be best be used for perfection. In the me meantime phone rings and she hold it to see it is from a mobile company call, so it is a wastage of time, but if she does not receive it, then from time to time the call will reach and disturb her and for this she receive it and then silence it so that, all through it, so that these company call will not be there time and again. Then, she looks that her mobile battery is at the downside, so she searches for mobile charger and it takes four to five minutes for her, but cannot find that. Then she looks at the pinhole and to her utter surprise she finds it and happy about it and then she dances for some time, and then charges the mobile. As of now, most of the work finishes, only hairstyle job remains for the time being.

She likes the Bob style as it matches her face well and similarly with this haircut her chin surfaces prominently and takes the centrestage of her face. Due to her round face, this class of hairstyle a catches es her and also due to young age, this looks a perfect match to her face and this also looks slimmer and also all of the face value becomes core of the beauty that has been embedded within it. With Bob style hair combing, with immense concentration of hairs in and around the ears site makes the face wide and round. After combing it, she goes on to add some cheerful refectory color to her hair so that, it can flash it beyond further hairs to make it look like a perfect set of attractive hairs. The big polar position of light and dark hairs makes it looks perfect and natural and for this she applies, she draws vertical stripes of light silver hair color and it is important to make this shades vertical otherwise, if it is drawn in a horizontal manner, t than yours face will l fatter tier .Due to her virtuous condition of hair, she draws the shades in a vertical manner, otherwise her friend has the curly hair for this she draws the shades in a zigzag manner. She uses a mild shampoo all fatter added products and the link of the brand she uses should be seen at the bottom of the otherwise for your reference and it is for you to use it or use your rational capacity to use some other products. One can likewise remember that, high quality of cosmetics does not mean that should be expensive, keep changing your brands and the preferences till you find the best set of brands that are suitable for your skin and appearances. She constantly tries to keep little volume of hair at the top of her head, as her face is round otherwise it can have a blunt look and with less hair at the top it can look weird sometimes. It is better to use hair straightened to straighten the hairs at the top of hair and for this electronic hair straightened is sufficient.

After doing this, with the help of combs the lower side and the left and right hand side of hairs should be curved enough to feel the flow of air. With a layer air proof out, it shows the hair has the oneness and the proper flow that are attached to it. Try to avoid coming at the center part so much and try to come from the left and right part to have a respectable look of your hair style. This softens your fat face and checks the cheek bones more prominent that you ever think of it. After each month try parting, your hair to the exact opposite side so that all parts of your hairs remain stronger and no hair dropping from the front side of your forehead. Immediately the hair style and combing part are over and after taking some breakfast she is going upstairs to have sunbath sunbathe in this Sunday morning to have a clearer and glowing r skin as well as hairs.

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