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Education, exceptions and limitations

Sometimes and somewhere, there are few special ones in this part of the planet, who are willing to go for poverty and want to see how it can be and all these had been done by few special ones. There is always the danger lurking here and there, when the poverty is being taken as the all round distinction and that could sense the most dangerous signs and all these should not be taken aback from it. In my childhood there were many government schools, then it was for poor as well as for rich persons, but after 20 years the whole scene had undergone sea-change, now it seems that the government schools only meant for poor and the rich person goes for private schools.

In government schools as it was evident from it, there the problems were plenty, lesser number studies, the standard if education was below acceptance level. This was the sole reason to decide when parents had gone for English medium schools, the private funded schools. There are some schools, where one could find good education and they were government schools like Is pat High School, Tensa, where one could find better education than that of so called private funded schools.

There one could find the real dedication and the zeal to study hard and with this the entire fundamental of subjects that need to be renewed from time to time had to be done with equal concise and mind, that were above heart and expression. Parents those who wanted to spend more money for their children education also been critical to government schools. There was one incident, when, the maids working at home used to attend these schools with a interval of 15 days, and they solely wanted to join this as they wanted to reach to the class tenth and with it they could get the free bicycle, that was government giving to lady students for the rewards they reached into class 10th.

Why this could be the exception as here, the motive was not to study but to get the bicycle. So, what it ought to do it more was that , here material possession went overboard from studies and that worried me a lot as the admirer of education. Here, the maid went into school and there the teacher knew that she had been doing the works of maid and for this, her work at school was to clean the class and the garden.

If any festive occasion then she had to clean the entire school arena and what it worries more was that even that maid could not understand this and with it, the entire process of study was being repeatedly not taken into consideration. Here the entire culprits were everyone, and each person had been as the custodian of education misusing it. With attached meal system, more and more poor girls were now related to education as with it they could have decent meals and also with it they could have the stipulated dresses for themselves as per governmental laws and it was all good here, but the problem was there when the girl instead of full time study works and earn money and also the teacher by seeing her precedents trying to indulge her the same work as per the example above.

One more aspect of education was that it was being too much commercialized to its fullest extent and these should not be there at all. With these segmentation , what was happening the private schools were raising the finance levels of all these and in this manner the poor could not afford to study there and this had been the real bone of contention for all of us and due to advent of all these schools , the standard of education at governmental schools had been sharply on declining mode and for this, only poor had been studying there and mostly the study quality had not been great and the schools need more improvement. Now, the English medium schools had been increasing their course fees for annum as this seemed to be more and more not realistic to me as their fees and the entire sum that was to be received could not be justified of so much hike in fees.

Could this be an opportunities for government schools as with ever increasing fees of students per annum, it seemed that some short creamy layers in rich class could afford such an education and with it , more and more person would be reaching towards governmental schools and would expect these schools to perform better. As famous Odia poet Kalindi Charanna Pannigrahi said, in his Byarth Geeti , what is happy that has been seen in the eyes , is deep cry within , the laughs had been filled with crying and that had been trying to hide from it , all these had been bear by mother earth , but still it did not say anything whatsoever. It was saying life and vitality time is only for seconds if you consider along the line of universe, it is time to dance with joy and time to fill your life with many happiness.

Was the money only the deterrent to see the quality of education , I think it was not , as there were some government schools where you could find many great schools where brilliant students had been rising from no where. There was one instance of it when I was there at Sundergarh BS High School, this school was named after the kind of Sundergarh and it was a big school with plenty of students and the study matters most here. There was a student, who was very poor and in his home, there is no electricity connectivity and also he used to seat below traffic light and there he used to study through out the night and he was a first class student and also he had no convenience at home but with his dedication and zeal to study he had converted the opportunity into a game changer appetite, he continues to grow and now he was a doctor.

Whenever I saw him , he came with a broad smile , one day while I was going through government hospital he was standing there and shouted my name , I stopped there , and then came to meet him , he was very happy to see me and also we both talked each other, I found that the sense of soils which he was presenting earlier times had been same here , he was not above broad , he stills appreciates his earlier life and the continuance of struggle he had been with so all these had been the great sense of satisfaction for him and I could know from him all these facts of life and the zeal to success and that denoted the arrival of all these fascinating attractions that was there always.

What I wanted to write here was the to improve the education , it should be the work for all , not for some specific persons , as it should be seen that all these should not go to individuals as with this the specific forms of actions and its related inaction could not be there, and in order to find it in more specific and understandable manner one had to find the way out with it and how could all these be equally acceptable to the point of view of action oriented attributes all these should go in one such manner that the point of in action could not be any such blockages to find out the possible minimalism victory. The moment of glory could not be certain as with the case of one more real time example I could sense here.

One should not see and observe the education as the sole profit motive entity, as this could ruin the entire spectrum of it and for this it was always advisable to make it most of it as with this the entire spectrum of education would be more realistic with rich and the poor reading at the same place and at the same time simultaneously. This example from one such hit serial from Star Plus where one married lady wanted t study more but due to resistance of other ladies, she was yet to fulfill her potential but with due course of time her husband supporting her to study more and more and in this manner it did feel that, education importance was being fielded here and this could led to a really wonderful treatment of satisfaction with it. Why it was being felt by her husband was that while he was in a cooking competition in a foreign land his wife saved her , from embarrassing and also the corrupt practices ,even though was number one but trued to make him out of competition .

Then, he knew the importance of competition and with it realized how his wife saved him from embarrassing situations. The significance of education had been great and the way it could impact on your way of life had been tremendous. There is the certain age when one person could read and write and for this it was always been a good ideas to study first and then after completing these studies you could start refresh all your works as it is a true fact that , you could do start work at whatever age at certain age but it also a true part and parcel of life was that once the age of education was over then it would be a great difficulty for you to start refresh.

Samsung is updating firmware of Galaxy Grand Duos

As from the previous article, after getting a brand new galaxy Grand Duos of Samsung, which is a decent smartphone with each and every rational function is there and it is powered by Android Jelly Bean operating system. It works good, but for about one month I felt that it is not allowing to copy files to memory card which is 64 GB. What can be the reason I could not summarize from it, as now when I use camera the default saving position is its in built memory card instead of external memory card and when from the option I try hard to change the default memory location, it is allowing but after taking the screen shot with the nice camera,

I realize that it is saying that the default memory location is not available and this means that it is not recognizing the external memory chips. When I buy this phone from reliance digital store, from the same shop I purchase the memory chips as I want to store many movies by making it optimized from various software available in the market and also I want to have it while during travelling and for this I have converted many favorite movies into it and in this manner the entire process of storing all the movies and my favorite songs gained the momentum in a speed manner.

Now, it is impossible to copy songs from Windows 8 in what so ever any such manner and it is not allowing though there are many way around of it and for this I removed the memory card from it and then add it to a memory card reader and then insert into USB drive of computer and then copy the songs from there as there is no difficulty in it and it is also nicely reading when it is inserted into Galaxy Grand mobile.

Of late as I have seen that there are many instances of cloud services inside Galaxy Grand as when I installed the face book app from Google Play store, it asks while installation as do you want your photos to be uploaded to facebook and that remains in the cloud, and those photos which are inside facebook already are downloaded to the device and a ‘f’ sign is there on the outside of photo and it is notifying as these photos are in the cloud and surprisingly those photos do not take any space inside the inbuilt memory card.

It is always advisable to log in to your principal Google account with your Android smart phone as with it your Google+ connection will be there and also your location will be properly indicated as with the latest Google+ update, the map function is now pin pointed and also with enhanced privacy options you can control who can see your location and this is a wonderful function and in the previous versions there is great difficulty in controlling your location setting as now it is easier and with this even you can specify who will going to see your location and at what time and at what schedule.

After few days, with a good internet connectivity of at least speed of 2.5 GB you will see with due course of time you photos at Picasa will be shown and these will not take any space on you default in built memory card as this is one such great feature where you will see the cloud photos on one hand as all these photos will not take away any such spaces of yours inbuilt memory card which has limited size and for this integration of all ‘these aspects into clouds just augmenting the space of your inbuilt memory card.

Now back into Picasa, which is same as my Blog’s address and it is already almost seven years of old and for this when one day I see that, all the blog posts with images which has been there at the Picasa albums automatically due to Google’s feature, are now back into my image section as this is surprising but true and all these tons of pictures are not taking any such spaces in my memory card as they are surprisingly inside of cloud and how all these GBs of images has been inside my phone but yet there are not eating away any such space inside of my phone, this is surprising as well as a completely new feature where there is seamless integration of offline and online cloud processing, as perhaps we have been into the arena of as such situation where there is the chance of a real cloud processing and where your phone’s space is utilized as well as the space of online cloud has been properly utilized and used and this is gain situation for both the user as well as Google as with the proper integration of online space as well as offline space gives the proper coordination among a seamless integration of all these aspects of a proper care of data management at its peak.

In the recent what I have seen the review at many technology website as many said that many mobile vendors are now updating to latest Android platforms but Samsung was silent on this and as Samsung Galaxy phone holder I am bit worried about it but from time to time in the setting menu I always check of update state and for the last three days the information is that yours request is accepted and yours request for update is pending and slowly it is distributed and suddenly day before yesterday I received the information that your device will be updated and it is almost 450 MB and this is sure the firmware update, as I am at the end of internet package I have decided to pause this for some time and wait till my next internet packet inside of my phone and then to start it again. It is for sure that it is the firmware update and I am very happy that Samsung is delivering updates without much fuss and announcement as this is perfect as the ultimate user has to be benefitted from all these.

In the meantime, I have seen there has been increase of brightness in the default setting of my phone, and from where it has been I could not understand that much probably for sure it is for once to be known that there is something in the update which is on the way as that will give the phone the real benefit of using it and I am waiting for that update of firmware. This article is mean to convey the user as well as Samsung and Google about what I am feeling about Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos as well as Android operating system, it is for intimation to all these stakeholders to know the efficiency as well as deficiency so that they can investigate and find out the real information from their technical team.