Déjà vu

For the last few days, probably more than two weeks, unable to write a single post, are compounded from a hell lot of difficult times, which could ever have not been there in earlier times. It is the most distressful situation in a row starting from tough times of fighting with disease with stiff viral infection which is going on for some time due to a prolonged spell of winter. In this part of the world, for a few years, due to explicit climatic change, the entire state of climate is undergoing a sea change.

At the onset of stiff winter season, it comes with additional spell of new diseases, which seems to be caught with me this time, with prolonged spell of cough and continue series of cough it is added with additional spell of high fever as well as, prolonged stay of coughs. It gives additional strain to mind and unable to think on a definite subject which can give some additional benefits in the continuance of a series of thinking which enable to write on a good topic.

I really feel absent from writing sphere which gives me some additional pain of not attending to this over seven years of blog writing. Now, I am back and trying to collect the granules which seem to be obstructing the progress of my thorough spell of writes works. Then, comes the sad news of death of Grand father-in-law of my sister which gives an additional burden to parents. He was ninety five years old and still the last day, he was strong and continues to be there and working his own works all by themselves, perhaps he has that sort of age and for this it is always a difficulty to predict the exact sequence of future which can ever be think of.

Due to in laws home of sister, we have to give certain ceremonial giving and parents have been busy with these sending. All these become the obstruction to return to writing in swiftly. I felt left out while staying away from writing, as it hurts me more of not coming into attending the parts of writing. Life never comes with surprises. I never knew why such bad news keeps roaming about here and there, in the months of February.

There are some myths of nature which people cannot explore and understand the basic structure of life and the basic meaning originating from it. Then, comes the sad news of the death of my maternal great grand uncle, who died after being prolonged illness of over four years. For the last four years, he has been bed ridden. Sometimes, it feels to me, his own sons have deserted him in the midst of his illness due to quarrel of property.

It seems, to me that at the last stage he needs oxygen which is not given to him and that casts trouble to his life, he could have lived for some more days, though doctors have become hopeless but still life is precious and once it is lost, it has gone forever, but the bad news is that both of his sons have not waited for it and instead does not make available of oxygen to him to the least.

A complete déjà via when thinks of his, can he have survived and today we are pursuing his loss, but could he have lived for some days with addition of availability of oxygen for his breathing part, it is not obvious but the reality of losing him gives great depression to part of mind which is making the entire thinking process which is shredding eyes with tears but we have lost him and time to reconcile but we could not do anything about it.

It is not about rejoicing, but about thinking and reviving of past happenings and can all actions that have been done in the past be survived in the right manner in the future, which is for sure very difficult to imagine and comprehend. When the memory goes into ghost line and creates a deep sense of impact which is managing the virtual space of rewriting history with all its glorifying ambitions which has not ever been crossed to the deepest point of imagination.

It seems like a movie, which is ever green with patched highlighting of fading annotations which comprehends and completes the sense of animated justice to the streams of thoughts which can ever be compared with the prolonged state of anticipatory adjustments. Why such thoughts are streaming to mind, even though all has been lost and the person is now above all worries and now probably was stationed at some point of happiness from where he has been devoid of all worries and pains.

For the last four years he has been away from all happiness after the New Year bash in which he has taken plenty of foods and then he paralyzed and stayed for that posture for some days. Now, it seems the entire chapter has ended, the love, affection and the grandeur of feelings which emancipated from the most deserving aspect of living has been tremendously attributed to the greatness of life and the respect to living human beings.

It is the search of happiness which comes from behind the brain, and eyes cannot see them but the sense can feel of it and find it beautiful to see it and this gives additional lights to imagination and in a way showcase the proper sense of idea generation, which leads to the stylus of stimulus of religious idea enhancements. It is a question of positivity and creation of a strong sense of a path towards Almighty, the hidden secret which cannot be undermined to reach the most probable of life and its understatements.

It is comprehensive and honest connection with him, which is giving many probable ideas and implementation possibilities. The thought of reconstructing the path is always there but can it be the future to attend and can it sustain the successive movements of the past and simulates the present is what all needs to estimate and perception.

Life is a part of interval of beautiful happenings and the way; it should be preserved and perceived to create the mammoth of happiness that can surmount all of us who is considered to be there in all aspects of life. It is not entirely about money. It is about creating a pathological view of life in generating each aspect of life and its meaningful correctness in devising the plateful ideas of vision which cannot be touched or enlightened with passive and positive care towards life.

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