The Ultimate Triond Cheat

Triond is similar to blogging platform, it is multi websites conjoined into one single platform and it gives the budding writers and another related experience writer to write good article and earn money and after reading the ultimate Triond cheat which is legal you will be feeling better and it is applicable to both the newbie’s and the senior pros of Triond.

It is a true platform which is giving money slow as fifty cents when you incurred in a month. It is very simple you write articles and then make some provisions which I will be in the course of this write up describing in detail about it to let you know about some of the most hidden tricks all being legally legitimate so that you can earn within months in fact within two to three months handsome money.

It is free to join and most important part is it is sending your hard earned money through Pay Pal which is recognized and legitimate. Unlike the expert column where in some countries you will be paid through money bookers which is difficult to handle, but with Triond you will be receiving money through PayPal. There are other methods also from where you can receive the money but I think PayPal is better and widely appreciated throughout the world.

Before starting with all the possibilities of this write up, I let you know that Triond is a medium from where you can write and earn money and nowadays it is also receiving small articles.

  1. Though Triond is accepting smaller articles it always better to have an article that has 300 to 450 words or more.
  2. It is not the volume of articles that matters the most , it is the sheer quality as you will in the process observe the quality that matters as with due course of time you will soon realize that there are some users who are presiding more articles than you will certainly be anticipated in your Triond timeline but it is not the volume that matters , it is the sheer quality that holds the key, as per there are some estimates of about twenty articles per months is suffice to be the great quality and with it and with due course of time you will soon realize that you will be getting more and more quality views.
  3. You do not worry about how the search engines will remember and detect it, is for sure to be confident that search engines always goes for sheer quality of articles as with due course of time it goes with the quality of the author and it will soon reciprocate and implement and that is why to search for good topics whatever be it may be that is listed in the Triond topic section and then go for that writing.
  4. In my case, I fond to write about the topic under women section and also other related sections and in the second section, I go for the environment, science, and health segment.
  5. It is always better to have it your own blog and especially have it on blogger from Google as through Triond you can get backlinks in the profile section by entering into the edit mode and with it you can place the name of your blogger like that of say here the link of my blogger blog is banadurga[dot]blogspot[dot]come so in that box you should write about bandura only and then the Triond system will automatically adjust and manage it and it will bring the backlink of your blogger blog easily. IN this way you will get automatic back linking of your blog and it is highly beneficial considering the page rank of Triond which is five and for this, it is a must to do.
  6. It can be a brilliant idea not to put any pictures of your own or from Triond search functions from the sidebar in the compose section, simply put the article in writing and do not post any of pictures inside the post body, the resultant will be greater transparency and also the post after approval will load faster and when some other authors fields or visitors reached to your article, it will load much faster , it will generate more visits and comments , and as per the unnamed rule of search engine optimization techniques it is for sure that the faster the page loads the speedier will it be acquired by search engines coupled with good quality writings it can be at the top of first ten searches thus getting you the more required search engines optimization automatically. This important, as with Triond you have the option of only at the post body section and for this, it is simple to give the writings only and do not put any of the pictures, screens shots from Triond search box.
  7. There are some article about search engine optimizations that there should be some external Flickr picture with accreditations and also Triond’s default settings pictures which generate screenshots from Flickr, Wikipedia and other free sources and with this your article will be back linked and will generate more views but in reality it can happen in reverse and which is why am telling you about this in detail. With pictures loading from different segments as when the article is loaded, it will simultaneously call the other websites that are hosting the pictures and if that website is delaying the process then it will take time to load and with hints there are some delays and with it the Triond comment system will also be appearing in late , all these can have not so good effects on your website and this is not so good and for this it is better to have only the written part in your article segment and this is why the old adage is those quality writings that matters the most.
  8. If you can if you write more than 1000 words article then it can have long term effect and the search engines will certainly listen to this but it is best to write for 300 to 450 worded article and pick a good subject and it is better to go for some offline topic instead of searching and researching from internet.
  9. Make friends with many fellow Triond writers and before adding them into friend look for their latest article date and also observe that whether they are regular or they post occasionally and this also means that they will see your post once in a while and that will not good for you and for this its better to have to check it out and then add it to friend and this where the so-called automated system of Trendster fails here. Its free system is super boring and it will shut down after some intervals but its paid system also will not see and observe who are the active members so it is better to have go for individual searching either through members from the upper bar or through articles , if you go through the members then just write one or two English alphabets on the search bar and then it will show a host of members at Triond and then click on their profile and observer their posting trends and also observe their commenting style and from which you will soon be knowing about how active that member is and then add it to your friend and then read one or two articles of your new friend and then send messages through outbox and in this way you can add friends manually.
  10. It is also significant to observe that , there may have some friends those which can be very active while posting too many articles and with it they will be time and again posting it in your timeline and this will make your timeline looks ad if some sort of spam and with this you will soon not able to read all the relevant posts of other friends and may miss them and if this trend happens then you can unfriendly that friend so that his posts will not beat your timeline an this is also a significant step to make it check and balance as if you will not be doing this the whole of your timeline will be flooded with only posts from two to three persons and this is essential and must be observed ad this also send to these spammers or the persons those who are posting too many posts that ion this way it give attention to other person irritations.
  11. Try to comment every friend of the particular date and their posts and if you have no time to read at some days then you can give the same comment to them and at the end of the comment write down your own name so that this will be visible to them and this must be a great idea to manage it and attain it to the sufficient address. If you have the time especially at weekends then you can pick and choose some ten to twenty friends here at Triond to have five to ten articles commented or liked or views and then send them messages that you have done for them and there are many possibilities that almost most of them will reciprocate, if someone says that he or she dose not believe in this time of reciprocity then it is better not to do for that person and change the other person to do it for them.
  12. Triond have dual monetary income system one is Ad sense and the other is Chitka , it is better advisable to use Chitika, and to use it you do not have to place any Chitika user name as you have been doing with some other content management websites like that of info barrel and Seekyt , you just have to do nothing with it and this will give rise to an extremely wonderful fascination as each and every day you will be at the dashboard watching your income on the rise and that gives the most satisfying experience though it may be lesser than some other websites. It also needs to be noted that the income shown in the figure may not be correct as it takes some times two to three days to be updated here and for this patience is the key ad you will have to do it with deer patience to manage it with.
  13. Do not reply to any member from your inbox, only give messages and also it is better not to report any article as this can also be seen that if you report to two-three articles then in reciprocations your one or two valid and genuine article got deleted so, it is always better to have not to touch the reported article. This is important in the context and also it is also sheer pleasure and the norm to go for your own way rather than blocking the others so why report any such sites, it should be the duty of Triond administrator not of the user so it is better not to report any of the articles of other users.
  14. Do not write about any other writers or a comment section do not criticize personal comment or any such, it is always better to feel you are at the crowd still you are in all your self so it will be better to go for in single section rather than a lot of other sections and always concentrate on yourself and after writing two to three article, it must be for sure that you will find the niche among your self, and then you will write on that subject.. Be self at you and also always believe in you and also feel that you are in crowd but you are with the self ,a s per my writing style personally I depends more on language clarity and also like to rite on subjects based predominantly on ladies , science, history, literature and occasionally some fun and humour facts and this shows that even after writing about one hundred article Triond still unable to find the niche as this happens as in order to find out the ultimate Triond cheat , it takes time as still ma contemplating about writing more stressfully on which subject , it though matter of speculation but it does take time and once you reached that goal it will be more than suffice for you to attain it.
  15. Search for a good key word topic and then study on that particular subject and write in your own words to it as it is a clear conception that a good key word article is a money spinner and it can fetch many visitors to your article and it will be automatically search engine optimized. In the first paragraph put the name of the title exactly within the paragraph and make it such that it will look as it is naturally inserted there and bold the name of the article within the paragraph. Repeat one more time this method within the middle of the article and this time make the title italicized and then in the last paragraph repeat the same process and this time make the title or key word as we can say as the in the underline way. Here is the example of doing this and you can see all the three part of the key word title is at bold, then italicized and then underlined. This tip will along you get you to the number one in the search giants.
  16. Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment segment you might have if you don’t understand something.
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