How to set up Auto ads of Adsense

Google Adsense is from Google. It allows publishers or webmasters to put up advertisements into their websites and provide opportunities for visitors to ear money. Most of these are auto-optimised for site content and from the visitor’s count.

Select the advertisement to out into your website. It is important to choice from vast list of advertisements, and chose formats for your website. There are various formats for advertisements such as text, display or mixture of both advertisements.

First one need to approve your website for Google adsense publisher account and then choose the advertisements to fit into your website. Copy and paste the advertisement code from your adsense account and then paste that code into your website.

Add that advertisement code into your website most preferably at the sidebar or just under header menu and then wait for your website to be approved. Do not remove that code and check to see from time to time whether in that area advertisements are visible or not.

Then, Google will handle the entire process, and Google will bid the place for your for advertisers and then in the process the advertisements will appear and yours website will earn revenue automatically. In the process you earn money and it will accumulate and then you can receive money after yours revenue receive the minimum paid amount.

How to set up auto ads:

Auto ads are the optimised advertisement formats, which works automatically, inside page level of websites. Page of website means that, the contents of website, where the written contents are shown. Mostly, these will show up entire contents and this works automatically.

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It is important to verify your site is whether have approved Google adsense account. Some webmaster does have host partner adsense account that come through blogger or You Tube then it is a good idea to upgrade yours adsense account so that it can continue to sponsor your site.

Auto ads set-up process:

  1. Log in to your approved Adsense account or hosted Adsense account.
  2. Most probably you will reach a new Adsense account.
  3. In the sidebar go to Ads and then it will expand and click on Auto Ads.
  4. Click on Get Started.
  5. Then, choose global settings, then choose the ad formats that you want to show up on your website.
  6. Select automatically get new formats and in this way, slowly, Google will show automatically advertisements into your contents of the website.
  7. In this way, you do not need to do anything as automatically advertisements will show up inside the contents of the page.
  8. Then, it will show up codes in the place of place code on your page, and then copy the code from there.
  9. Then, in order to work that code into your website between <head> and </head> of your website.

How to add set up auto ads of Adsense into header dot php of your website:

  1. Log into cPanel hosting account. Google Adsense works nicely with self-hosted websites.
  2. Go to Files and then File Manager.
  3. Then go to wp-content and then themes.
  4. Then, select the work-in themes into work.
  5. Click that theme, and then choose header.php
  6. Double click on the icon of header.php and then it will save into local file of the computer.
  7. Then, select, header.php and then click on edit and then paste the code in between <header> and </header> and then save to save the code inside, hosting panel.
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In this way, your website now installed with auto ads of adsense ads. Google says that, auto ads will show up within 10 to 20 minutes.

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