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After a long gap I got leave and will be utilizing fully to its potential for some good blog writings. Of late I have been doing my professional work day in day out and get very little time to breathe , think and act. You can feel the job pressure from my blog posting itself as for the last two weeks my posts have been reduced from 7 in a week to now 3 in a week , though it can be considered as good but am not satisfied with it and thus feeling let down by it and will be making most of this leave with some good number of blog posts also in the coming weeks I will be streamlining my Blog’s theme so that it will load faster and speedier as it seems it is taking huge time to load mainly due to more java scripts than expected here.

I will be removing intense debate commenting system and will be depending solely on Blogger’s own inbuilt commenting system as Blogger added spam detection in its inbuilt commenting system and improved a lot than earlier. Till now am not sure to use this theme or change it to another as it will take two to three hours for a through Google’s search for a theme and also an installation in to the Blog.

As this theme seems ok but the drawback is smaller size of heading also in order to make this blog more attractive and readable I added more and more java scripts in due course of time, of course, self-hosted and thus increasing the loading times. As Microsoft shows the way ,yes you are right, after Windows 7 now the essence is fast loading of everything and lighter on system resources and for this in the coming two to three weeks of course when my time permits I will try to enhance the theme to its most so that it will be lighter and faster in loading. I only use Adsense ads and remove the presence of a bar and other enhancements.

These are small steps but a step forward most important ones. I try to write on normal fonts instead of earlier bold fonts. I always prefer not to send any pictures as it will take the page loading time for this I am taking extra precautions of not posting any pictures at all. It has two sides as the readers have the advantage of reading the articles in hurry and in fact, as it will load faster and the second advantage is for me as the posting of the article to the web will be within seconds.

These are the thoughts which will be implemented in the coming weeks and also I will like to try it out with some very genuine coding so that page loading becomes smart and smoother and faster. Of late I, am attracted towards the beautiful world of CSS and Ajax and I will be implementing all these in your Blog soon and of course, I shall be taking care of using all the designs but my prime focus will be faster loading of Blog. I vow not to make it again sluggish and slow.

I am contemplating ideas of removing the read more javascript hack as it is taking time to load and thus using precious reader’s time. I am still making my mind whether to use Google’s Friend connect the social connector as it seems it is taking time to load and for this for the time being am making it load on the Blog’s front page only and making it disappear in blog’s subsidiary pages with some Blogger’s HTML hacking.

It seems not a bad idea to remove it altogether in my new incarnation of Blog which will be launching soon. Of late I will be launching the self-hosted WordPress version of with some important and good articles from achieves. So that will sow its presence in both the two champion blogging platforms.

One thing is for sure am yet to make this Blog commercially viable, as I admit I have failed in doing so , this Blog solely runs with my resources so the implementation part or reincarnation of this Blog part is taking some time as I have announced this plan in somewhere on June month this year and then postpone it and then I am seriously considering it to make it more beautiful and smarter so that loading time will be less and faster loading time.

This blog was started as fun when I was reading my MBA and then after joining the service, this blog goes through a change and now it is becoming more and more pronounced with regular in-depth articles and overviews. Now it is almost three years with over 800 postings and more and more articles and definitely, I will be making it more pronounced and more prominent. Thanks.

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