How to verify WordPress Website in Google SearchConsole ownership verification through Domain name provider?

Website created through, WordPress very popular. Due to simplicity in use and same ease of development due for geeks as well as the layman, empowered by WordPress, makes it easier for creating web presence. There has been many inbuilt system direct inside WordPress, for better search engine optimisation tools, that makes most easier accessible website in the large cluster of website.

When we create, website, first and foremost part of creation is to make, your website crawl website in Google index statuses. Most of the visitors come from Google and that is why it is important, to create, the website more favourable to Google search engine. This is to emphasise it that one must every positive and Google devices in order to make your website crawl inside Google Search Console.

Google Search Console, provides various ways, to verify webmasters their website in order to make it more proficient and update in accordance with Google devices in order to make your website mostly optimised. In order to optimise your website, one needs to do ownership verification of Google Webmaster Tools.

There are various ownership methods are like that of HTML file, HTML Tag verification, Google Analytics, Google tag manager verification tools, and the last but the real one is that of Domain Name Provider. In this article we would love to do how to verify ownership of website through domain name provider.

Mostly, self-hosted WordPress website doe have domain, host in order to run your website through, yours hosting part. It is a good idea to verify ownership of your website trough yours hosting or domain name service.

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How to verify self-hosted WordPress website through domain name provider of Google Webmaster tools:

  1. Open Google Webmaster Tools and log in with Gmail.
  2. Register your website with Google Webmaster Tools.
  3. Go to Setting and then Ownership Verification.
  4. Go to Additional verification methods and then Domain Name Provider.
  5. It is the method in which you will let google to know that specific domain for the host you are the owner.
  6. You will add TXT record to your host and in my case, this will be
  7. It should be done in DNS configuration of your hosting.
  8. In order to reach the hosting part, you have to log in to your cPanel.
  9. Use Username and password to reach to cPanel dashboard.
  10. cPaneldashboard is also known as WordPress hosting part.
  11. Then go to Domains and Zones Editor.
  12. Zone Editor provides webmaster to edit these zone files that provides computer readable internet protocol addresses.
  13. Inside zone editor and in the domain side there will be the name of your domain such as and in the action side, there are various options such as A record, CNAME record, MX record and so on.
  14. If TXT record is not found in action side then click on manage or setting icon to so all the other options out there.
  15. Click on Add Record, and click on the drop-down list and then click on Add TXT Record.
  16. There write down the name of the domain such as and from there, only write the main name of the domain such as and not and so on.
  17. In the next tab under Record, put the text from Google webmaster tools, verification methods such as domain name provider, and copy the TXT record such as google-site-verification=***************** and paste it inside the Record of zone editor of cPanel hosting and paste it inside TXT field.
  18. Write TTL record as 86400 .
  19. Then, save that TXT record inside Zone Editor of hosting part of your domain.
  20. Then, go to search console and verification methods, and then verify the Domain name service.
  21. If you follow the above methods then when you verify it for domain name provider and in this way your website is now verified through domain name provider, inside Google Webmaster tools for better and smarter search engine optimisation.
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By verifying your self-hosted WordPress website in Google webmaster tools, it provides one of smarter methods for let Google recognises your hosting part. After verification, it is important not to remove TXT record so that from time to time when Google verifies your website from time to time. It is one of the better and most favourable verification methods. By using this method Google will not interfere with mail send and receive from the server.

In this way, you have completed the properly configured verification of domain host system through Google Web Master tools.

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