How to add Privacy Policy Footer Link to your WordPress Site

If your website has email subscription link or add ons of users or comment link where user has to provide email,name and so on, and this means at some point of time, your website is collecting data and this means there is the chances of privacy protection. There are various privacy protection laws.

There are GDPR European Union laws, (CalOPPA) from the US, (PIPEDA) in Canada which aims to enhance privacy protection of users. That is why every website, should have privacy policy. First and foremost part is that, whether your website should have privacy policy or not.

Now-a-days, most of websites, are created with WordPress and that is why most important part is to create, privacy policy of website. There are many ways one can create Privacy Policy of website.

Through, Jetpack installation one can learn to create, privacy policy. First install, Jetpack and connect it to WordPress. Jetpack has Privacy Policy Helper, and from there, one can learn, how to create the privacy policy and then, create a page namely Privacy Policy. Write down contents in it and then, update it.

The content of Privacy Policy should include, protect, search, sharing, simple payments, subscriptions, video hosting, woocommerce services, WordPress secure sign on, WordPress,com toolbar, stats.

How to create Privacy Policy page in WordPress?

  1. Open WordPress Administration.
  2. Go to the sidebar and then Page and then create Add New Page.
  3. Name it as Privacy Policy.
  4. Save it as the same name. So, the link of the page should be
  5. Write down details of privacy policy and then update it.
  6. Search within WordPress administration to have Privacy Policy guide from WordPress.
  7. Learn from it in detail and try to write down as illustrated it as in detail in that guide.
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How to show the Privacy Policy link at the footer of WordPress website?

  1. Now, you created the Privacy Policy Page.
  2. Go to Settings of WordPress Admin.
  3. Then, go to Privacy. If you do not find it, update WordPress to its latest version.
  4. Reach to Privacy Settings segment. If you have not created this page then it should show that privacy policy is not there, then, create it and then scroll down to that page.
  5. Then, select an existing page, and select the Privacy Policy page. Then, click on Use this page, to select the Privacy Policy page.

After this, there will be a Privacy link at the footer of the website. In this way, now, you add privacy link at the footer of the website. In this way, you create Privacy Policy of website and show that link at the footer of the website in order to increase search engine optimisation of a website as well as you now your website adheres to rules of the internet.

Add Privacy Policy link to Menus.

  • Go to side bar of WordPress Admin
  • Go to Appearance then to Menus
  • Then to Menu Structure
  • Then to Manage Locations
  • Go to Theme Location and then to Assigns Main menu.
  • Then go to Menu Structure ad then assign Privacy Policy page to the main menu through drag and drop.
  • Then save menu
  • In this way, Privacy Policy Page is now appear at the main menu under main menu of website.

If you want to learn how to write privacy policy of website, then you can learn from my website from the this link.

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