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How To Add Related Posts In WordPress Without Plugin?

Related Posts in WordPress means, straight at the end of article, there will be some set up of links collected from website to show about read more about the same related topics. In this article we will learn about how to create related posts without any code knowledge. Even if you learn it from other articles from internet still the use of code and installation of it is necessary to show related posts.

In this article we will learn about how to show, related posts of the article, at the end of post without adding any additional code. In this article, we will learn about to show same category posts.

Update WordPress to its latest version:

First, update WordPress to its latest version. It is necessary to use the Gutenberg code editor while editing the post editor. From, WordPress 5.0 onwards, Gutenberg post editor is the default for editing and posting of the article. It is necessary to add the latest post block inside the post editor.


It is necessary as it helps to segment entire posts into different blocks so that easily you can add and rearrange blocks to enhance posts formats. Open Posts and then Add New from the sidebar of WordPress Administration, Now, write down the post and at the end of post add a new block by press space and then reach to a new para and then click on + sign to each to different blocks and from there choose Widgets and then choose Latest Posts.


Now, latest posts of yours website will show up. Now, we will change it to related posts. Make the heading as Related posts. Now, click on Latest Posts block. Then, go to setting of post editor and from there choose block. Now, from the latest post setting and its category setting choose the category from which you want to show related articles.

Generally it is a good idea to choose the same category in which you want to show up related posts. So, choose the similar category of which the article is related. Now, you will see, instead of latest posts, now you have last five or ten or more posts of the same article you choose from drop down menu of latest article settings of block at the settings of post editor of WordPress administration.

Now, you will see the related article of the similar article of the posts and that will present a better search engine optimisation practices and that too without any additional code inserted inside WordPress administration. Always remember to add the same category of the post to the related post or say the latest post and change the category of the latest post into the same as that of the post.

Category of post
Post Category

As the above image suggests the post category of this article is customization and the latest post category is chosen into customisation to convert the latest or related article of the post to show last ten customization posts.

In this tutorial we learn about how to convert Latest Post block into Related Post block and show related article from the same category of the post category. In this way we do not have to edit any file or add additional code to make heavier website. Sometime, by adding additional codes or third party plugins there are chances of security infringement of yours site. In this tutorials I let you understand, how to add related posts under each posts without any additional code or plugin.

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How to create best WordPress SEO Permalink Structure?

Now, you have WordPress website. Now, you can access WordPress Administration. It is front-end of WordPress where, you can edit theme, edit permalinks, create posts and manage comments. WordPress permalink structure, is most essential part to showcase, meaning of article in shorter format.

What is Permanlink?

Permalinks are simple URLs. This is not meant to be changed. If there is redirect then this must be within the same website. A better permalink structure intended to convey everyone about the nature of that particular article. Permalinks are simple URL structure. It is meant for rendering of search engines.

What is SEO?

The full name of SEO is search engine optimisation. Due to the advent of the numerous number of websites, it becomes difficult for users to remember exact URL structures of websites. Most users search for terms within search engines. That is why webmasters meant to create a URL structure of their web pages that should suit search engine rendering properly.

Search engines are configured scientifically. They tend to crawl website in accordance with better search engine optimised websites and URLS. That is why the importance of URL structures which are meant to stay for permanent for years in order to provide a stronger belief to users about validity of URL structure.

How to build perfect WordPress SEO permalink structures?

Open WordPress Administration. Go to side bar and then go to Settings. Then open Permalinks. Now you land at Permalink Settings. In its common settings you have various parameters with which you can create permalinks. In this article I tell you how to create a better and perfect WordPres search engine optimisation permalinks so as to present the user friendly and search engine friendly permalink.

Post Name Permalink
Permalink Setting

Now, choose in common settings the Post name as permalink setting. This means that whenever you create a post, its permalink structure will be title of the post. The next step is to save the article as draft by clicking on Save Draft. Now on the right side of post editor there are two tabs. One tab is of Document and the other one is that of Block.

Document and Block
Setting Tab of Post Editor

Click on Document tab of setting of Post Editor. Scroll down to Permalink and then URL. Inside URL box the name of title of article should be there. As we have set the permalink structure to Post and that is why title of the article becomes permalink here. This should be done before posting article to public.

Now in URL space delete the name of title of article and write down the prime category name there. Whenever one article has one or more category then you select which category is important and name that category in the URL box of document tab of post editor setting.

What this would make is that everytime the same category post is made it would serialise and numbered permalink strucutre and in this way URL of permalink becomes search engine optimised and perfect for readers as well as webmasters to categorise and differentiate URLs in homogenous ways.

Renaming Permalink URL inside Document tab of Post editor

How to rename Permalink URL inside Document tab of Post Editor:

Now, reached to setting tab which is located at the right side of Post editor inside WordPress Administration. Rename the URL space in accordance with the prime category. This article is distributed into two categories namely customisation and SEO. I consider SEO is the prime category so I rename permalink IRL space as SEO. Now, if there are more than one article in category of SEO the permalink structures would be URL of site and then SEO and then SEO1 and then SEO2 and then SEO3 and so on.

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