Security tips for android application developers

Last updated on May 29th, 2019 at 11:56 am

Android is most popular mobile operating system. Most of original equipment manufacturers are using as their prime operating system. It is from Google and its new versions come with faster speeds. More and more user-friendly and security features add ons comes up with each and every android versions. Of late with the latest version update comes primarily most of deeper security features to make operating system more user friendly and secure.

Prime component of android is its applications. Beginning from its home screen to keyboard, each and everything attached with updates and customisations with another app using at the same sphere. This made android an unique and most preferable operating system where each and every app department changes in accordance with user choices.

There are huge cache of android application reservoirs inside Google Play Store where we can find each and every free alternatives as well as paid ones so that we can use it as per ours choices and customisations. Similarly, we can change each and every segment of skins such as home screen, key board and so on and for this we can download alternative app from Google Play Store.

So, the importance attached with security of apps for android becomes immense and for this it is important for application developers to adhere with the updated terms and conditions of Google Play Store from Google so that never at any point of time they would face banning of application.

On the other hand Google always provides checks and balances to the functioning of these apps and first these apps has to undergo inside sandboxing system and then with android they are functioning inside sandboxing environment so that if at all any point of time there is chance of apps getting intruded into malwares then chance of these malwares getting into mobiles is far less as all of these operate inside sandboxing environment.

Application developers must see these security measures and security application process interface from Google and include while developing any app to release inside Google Play Store. It not only makes app secure but also get good mark from Google and that makes yours app popular and it gets you lots of revenue as the result of it.

From time to time Google helps application developers with some interesting interfaces and that provides enormous amount of help for the application developers. They should include these code snippets while developing apps. It is important for them not omit these checks and balances. It not only makes the code development easier for application developers but also makes them helpful to make their app secure and that not only creates more buzz among users but also the tendency of loyalty for security of apps comes with it.

Before releasing final version of app it is important to check your app in similar android testing environment and then release it with beta version so that live and user feedback lets you understand what you left behind and what are the essential you want to add in order to make your app running again and again. If you find any bugs then you can take expert opinion of expert advice from Google to make it run smoother and smarter again and again.

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