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When we live the life in terms of perception towards living with age suddenly we do find plenty of strategic amalgamation of ideas where most of the times we do see and find that the movement of life closely related with perceived anticipation and characteristics towards achieving the most general concept of life which mostly provide anticipated living towards life in the most amazing fashions.

When we do live the life in terms of helping others, and mostly we perceive that it is related to doing and managing of some of the most amazing anticipations of, philanthropic works that are good but could we do see that where ever we do live and move we do see one of the extreme presence of nature which we do most of the times ignore, the presence of nature of all the time.

Can we see the dreams while awaking and is it the most of prolific presentations of life, where at times we do see the presence of attraction towards some special objects and most of times we do see that the attached objects which we do find is the presentation of life where during each and every course of time adnd life we do live we do find that the movements towards moving from the attached objects we do go towards something better of life and that is the change of life and that is the life we do find from time to time.


Many a times irespective of doing and managing philanthropic works we could move towards achieving the most prominent part of life by caring of gardens, giving water to the trees, and living the life with nature where we could see the happiness of trees when you reach towards them as they swinging with dances even if there are no winds out there and it does provide closeness to nature andthat is the life we do see when there is dance of nature to the tune of yours presence and have you experience such life which is mostly one of most widening aspect of understanding of life where we do find the presence of real happiness.

In search of states of happiness we can move towards morning walks, and side by side through the marine drive roads, when there would be playing with sun and shadows, and in between the flow of tides which let us understand the presence of ever changing of life, and even at the presence of sun you can hardly control the presence of umbrella to stay out from scorthcing sun and it does provide mostly anticipated ways to manage life, where there might have been hardhips, and difficulties inlife but that is short stayed as with due course of movement of life we could find spots of states of happiness when we do see small kid at the lap of her mother and that does present the presence of smiles which we do and shouldlearn from it.


In this ever changing of life we could find the posts of states of happiness and it is our duty to expand those spots of states of happiness to its maximum to make our life live in the present where we could find more and more anticipated urge to live in these everchanging world of states of happiness. Some find there the presence of life of living with nature. Have you ever tried of playing music nearer to your trees, and the states of happiness that come from it and the reflection that comes about it is the most ever-changing aspects of life which we do find it the most of lifetime?

There can be question of where is the ear of trees and that would help them to listen to these songs but still you find that the presence of states of happiness that comes from nature solely as the result of these movements could provide the most anticipated finds of life where with due course of times we could find the presence of real states of happiness and that solely take you to the stage of extreme states of happiness and the freshness that comes from it and makes us think about it and slowly move towards the nearness to nature. In this mortal world, we could find the presence of each and every states of happiness comes from the presence and nearness towards closeness of nature at its best.

When we provide helping hand to nature even in minuscule ways, we do find the even cleaning of leaves that are being shattered in and around trees could provide the freshness and the most amazing parts of life. Think about it even when where we live we do clean the house and trying  hard to remain in terms of whatever cleaning ways as possible, in this way, the healthy environment we do live with life, the same could be as much as possible, and that makes the life of trees much more towards the parts of states of happiness.

Play your favourite songs nearer to the garden trees, and the way the trees especially the garden trees response does provide immense states of happiness to you and that is the life where you could find that whatever states of happiness you do provide to the trees and nearer environment does provide, and provide the same sort of states of happiness to you in return as nature does not take anything, and return with more towards you.

Giving waters to the trees does not reduce the water level in your locality, it, in turn, provides more to you in return and if you want to know more about it and want to experience this in real term then it is better to water yours kitchen gardens, and create your likings towards it and continue to water trees, and search the states of happiness and recreate the movements with it.

In the mean time the small cyclone occurs, and in morning while reaching towards the garden again the presence of small short of mayhem in terms branches of big trees, falling, and shattering some branches of trees which we used to maintain, and I can feel the pain and tears from the same tree which I used to water daily and find it half shattered conditions. This pains me and during this weekend I cleaned all those big branches from that tree, as I could not wait for sometime as I could feel the pain of that tree, and within seconds I removed it and my gardener comes running to me but I stopped him as I wanted to do it with my own and I remove all those branches.

Then add some soils into it and water it and stays there for some time and I read somewhere that, music is the best therapy and why not, with my trees as I moved my smartphone and run my favourite tunes to the tune of trees and while watering to the tree, I found the sound of music makes the trees slowly returning to the normal and I determined to do it again and again, and take back tree to its healthy condition.


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  1. Seema

    Such a happy,, meditative article. Moving towards nature, towards an open heart, towards love, it all requires letting go of ego and negative emotions. A simple walk near a park, or just looking the trees when stuck in traffic – it has a calming effect.