Can’t Use Google Now Launcher as Default on Your Android Mobile Phone

is famous because for its each and every function there is an option for changing default programs. One can easily change dialer, launcher, keyboards, and others with different variants without any difficulties. One can easily change default launcher to another launcher downloading from Google Play Store.

There are many paid and free to use launchers are there. From among all of these Google also released its own launcher known as Launcher. It provides one of better stock android experience. It is from Google though it is not updated from time to time it is fast and it provides a better perspective of a good launcher.

It also sports a different look to your . In default launchers at times you could find that some of the installed apps such as Jio Music are not visible and for this you have to connect and then from Google Play Store in its search box, search for Jio Music and then only you can open it in certain devices.

That is why the need for changing of default launcher comes upon and from here one could find so many varieties of default launchers. There are many paid ones and if at all any point of time and especially during the festive seasons you could find better and cheaper offers of these launchers and during this course of time it is a good idea, to buy such paid apps which is virtually almost free.

If you want to use Google Now launcher then it is completely free and there are no advertisements in it. It is fast and accumulates each and every information in detail, as well as the most used apps shown in the first row and the new vertical column, makes it easier to browse apps in clear-cut and most representative ways.

Troubleshooting Google Now Launcher on Android 5

In some android 5 devices and especially those that are made with CyanogenMod we do find that installing Google Now Launcher becomes extremely difficult. In fact most of these devices unable to install it and in this way, most of these users unable to use and find the benefits of Google Now Launcher.

Here is the little tutorial which will help you to install Google Now Launcher on android 5 devices. First install Google Apps, not Google Go, on your Android 5 device. It is a huge download and uses WiFi if that is available. After installing Google Apps then use your email to customize it and activate it.

Then download Google Now Launcher and am sure this time Google Now Launcher will install on your Android 5 device. Then, you can also download Google Assistant to use a phone with voice commands. Google Assistant in android 5 also requires Google Apps to be installed.

Of late Google has been doing their works to create and manage apps that are mostly, meant for higher android devices and now due to dependence upon some of the better-known apps, it is almost sure that most of these apps are now able to work nicely with Android 5 too.

In this article, we learned that in order to use Google Maps Go one needs to install Google Chrome and its latest version to work it with a web browser. Similarly, Google Assistant works with Android 6 or later but now it is available with Android 5 due to the presence of Google Apps and in order to Google Assistant to work correctly, the latest version of Google Assistant needs to be installed with a device.

Most of these high-end apps now work with Android 5 because of its consistent dependence over some of better known Google apps and in this way those apps could act correctly even with Android 5 devices.

In this way, what Google does is that it provides access to some of its utilities as well as due to compulsory requirements of installing some of better known apps such as Google Chrome, Google Apps which indicates that if users want to use such advanced tools such as Google Assistant, Google Now Launcher and some of Go apps then they should be installing these apps compulsory.

It is up to users to decide upon which apps to be used and which apps not to be used and if they want to use some of the lite apps such as Google Go and others then they should be using these apps and uninstall or disable other apps. If users want to use some of the most versatile apps then they should move towards, using and installing Google Apps instead of using Google Go and so on.

If your phone has two GB of RAM then users should at least try these apps and see the performance of the phone and how it is behaving to such advanced use of these apps.

Perhaps due to technical issues related with coding parameters of android code making the compulsory installment of these apps are necessary but still one needs to see if they want to use such high-end services from Google such as Google Apps, Google Assistant that needs installment of these apps.

When we look at the periodical development of android app we could find that simultaneously installation of Android is slowly becoming more and more resource hungrier in order to have better environment as well as side by side we do see the emergence of which is supposed to be optimized version of Android as well as Android 8 Oreo go edition, which makes it one of most wonderfully followed and used by millions of users worldwide.

The beauty of the android device is the presence of a most customizable form of a built factor that enables you to use with each and every variant of devices, be it higher or lower end devices or be it devices that suit preferable solutions to make it the most of these devices.

So whatever Google apps you want to install slowly even Google providing its solutions to use it and in this way do remember to use what are the information and sort of better standards of series of apps that need to be installed and this provides users with so many variants of information .

What Android does time and again is to provide some sort of scientific mindset of users to know and dig deeper into a device to make it more usable and faster with each and every subsequent use of these devices?

As Android does it time and again with the presence of its initiation of artificial intelligence to make it most wonderful and usable device of all the time, try it and from time to time am sure you would discover more and more use with it.

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