Some Niche Marketing Ideas for Specialized Businesses

When we walk here and there and especially on the zones which are too much crowded we do find some differential behavioral syndromes demonstrated by different people. Sadly, in most of the case these behaviors tend to provide so much of variances that ultimately we do resort to stay at the same sort of ideas, were even one of the ideal presence of everything could not be found.

We are living in the stage where the presence of nature in the form of everything is out there and it continues to provide some of awesome elements of soothing in the thought processes where each and every dynamic of life continues to find more and more ideas and the presence and observing these nature do provide more and more clues for unraveling of this wonderful nature.

When we do walk around the sea stretches of Puri sea-beach which is famous for ever growing and dancing of tide which is a rarity in most cases all around the world. While moving along the stretches of sand I do find plenty of people especially the tourists are roaming here and there with complete happiness.

In this time of year the sea-bed is now deeply inside and for this people can now move into these sea as the wet soils are there for everyone to see and the tourists are so happy while seeing out the moving tides and that makes the viewing portions of these lands enormous joy.
Tides moves deeper into sea and the travelers go deeper into it with the sand bed.

While walking on these wet sand is a provision of great merry as well as running and jogging it is safe as the sand is stronger nearer to the sea. It seems sea also was kind to these visitors as it continues to provide slower time and that makes the movement and the joy making in the sea-bed extremely wonderful.

In the meantime, there are many photography people who are asking people out there whether they would take a photograph of these moments. Most of them come with their own mobiles and smart phone and they took clippings of their happy moments. When I noticed the marketing gimmick played by these photographers, I do find that some of them are showing tourists the bigger photographs of earlier photo taken by them.

After seeing those bigger photos some of the tourists also interested in taking the moments in those big photographs and in this way, they able to lure visitors to take huge photos so that they could take those as memories. Here, they take these as memoirs and that would provide good amount of satisfaction on one hand for tourists and on the other hand for those photographers these acts as the one another font of marketing gimmicks that seem to go in the right direction.

So, while walking across the sand pebbles I learn that even most of non-educated photographers, I supposedly think so have provided one of the better marketing alternatives and they are able to sustain these competitors from smart phones and other featured phones. While thinking about management studies, I do find it falling apart from these photographers who might have not been introduced to this subject.

This means that it is the practical application of everything that matters the most. After walking a while I do see that devotees flock to this coastal town of Eastern India and they consider the sea to be the holiest place for them.

They used to create Lord Shiva Linga the idol version of Lord Shiva and then the tides used to reach to it and wash the Lord’s feet and while watching this sort of devotions, where nothing can be said about it as there are no boundaries for belief and where you see and those places becomes the temple.

While moving in and around sea beds and escaping from ever approaching tides of water, in between I could see one person every time in the morning time used to create one sand art and people used to take screen shot with it and then some people used to put some money nearby. In this approach, that sand artist used to earn some money and from the distance I could calculate that it is almost 100 to 150 rupees he has already been earning. This is another way to earn money and this is one of most artistic intelligence at its perfect best.

If someone wants to learn them while walking and moving and everywhere one could find plenty of such instances of better marketing management and it is one of the most insightful way to understand how such wonderful activities of management in real time.

After walking some distance nearer to the sea bed, I could see some persons from fisherman communities used to collect the cocoanuts and flowers that are flowing in and out with tide and then those persons from local fisherman community used to gather and sell those again to devotees.

In a way they are cheating the devotees and trying to gain from their belief but it could be considered as another aspect of marketing and in this process they are trying to gain the benefits by selling the same coconuts again and again.

After walking advance and moving into the area nearby the light house, I could see one person is sliding one net and in it there has been many sea-based products and he is showing his face as if he has just got it from the sea and the way he told to nearby travelers who happens to enquire about it and the facial reactions tells it and sums it all.

From the distance, I found the reaction of that sells personal absolutely comical and it is due to this more and more people reached to him to enquire about him on the sea-products he is going to sell out there.

From this I could summaries that even if people or at least some people might know that the sea-products that person is selling might have been not authentic but the way that persons always have smiles and talk sweetly to the people that is another aspect of undergoing a comprehensive marketing strategy.

After walking some distance and more towards Blue Lilly resort, just crossing after a light house I could find that the presence of large number of boats out there. The local fisherman used to move their boats into water for some distance and then caught hold of sea fish. They used to spread those caught fish on the boat and it is then surrounded by visitors who used to buy these fished and then look at the group.

The benefits from these fish are that they are cheap and used to have more fish to eat for more people and even at this land where the traveler finds the suitable way to go economically. In addition to this the ladies from these fisherman communities used to seat with knives to cut and dress these fishes and this is another aspect of marketing where the customers does buy the fishes and then dressed it so that they do not have to wait for longer and they do not have do it at their hotel.

While walking at the sea bed from space to space I do find plenty of such marketing gimmicks and most of these are that of mostly related with niche marketing. By walking across these arenas I do find plenty of such new and innovative marketing gimmicks which might not have been known to many especially for management students but still these are some of the most useful and beneficial for them as they continue to do it day in and day out.

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