How do I integrate the Infolinks script on my WordPress site?

Last updated on May 29th, 2019 at 09:38 am

Infolinks is an alternative to Adsense. Those publishers who does not have adsense approved then infolinks is a better alternative for them for sure. Another better alternative is In this article we will talk in detail about how to integrate infolinks scripts inside wordpress website.

First create an account with infolinks and then add your wordpress website domain into it. Do remember to provide true Gmail account so that after sometime the folks at infolinks would review your website and if it is approved then you are eligible to use infolinks into your website and generate revenues.

If you have not adsense approved then it is better to go for infolinks as it provides so many alternatives and opportunities for better revenue generations and for this you need to activate these on infolinks website. Supposedly, your website now approved with infolinks and the next step is to check your mail and see the approved message and then log in to yours infolinks dashboard first.

In the dashboard, go to customisation and from there add remove different earning opportunities. There you will find, intext, infold, intag, inframe and in article and choose all or choose one by one or choose anything and it is always a recommendation to add everything in order to increase earning opportunities. One thing keep in mind is that, choose ads that will not distract viewers from seeing advertisements running on website or as per Google search engine optimisation website should not overburden with advertisements otherwise your website can have potential for penalty,

Then, go to Ads.txt from website, and find ads.txt, and copy and paste that into root of yours website. You have self-hosted wordpress website and this means you have hosting and log into cpanel and then access it and go to root of your website and create a file namely ads.txt and then paste the ads.txt from infolinks and then save it. In order to see that in action do remember to open ads.txt website in your web browser and then add ads.txt into it to see that in action.

On my website, I have Google Adsense approved website and you can go to this to see this ads.txt in action.

How to integrate infolinks script into self-hosted wordpress website:

In the infolinks dashboard go to Integrate and there you will see integration of infolinks script into various website platforms, such as javascript, joomla, drupal and wordpress and other platforms. The infolinks script integration is a must as this makes website linked to infolinks to show various advertisements formats and thus generate revenues for it. If this is not integrated then the advertisements will not show into it.

For WordPress users gno to Integrate and then choose platform and choose WordPress and download the plugin and then upload the plugin to WordPress Admin and activate it. When you download this plugin from yours Infolinks publisher account and this means that you do not need to add any code to get yourself started.

It is important to download plugins from yours infolinks dashboard not from wordpress repository as all of these plugins are custom made and it relates with individual publishers. Generally, it is not a good idea to download plugins of wordpress from source other than wordpress plugin repository but you can download from inside infolinks dashboard to have better connectivity of WordPress with infolinks.

Infolinks 1 minute integration
Picture Courtesy: Infolinks

If you want to integrate Infolinks javascript straight into cPanel, then, first parameter is to have you should have access into hosting and then go to file manager and then go to theme file and then header.php or footer.php. Generally header.php provides a better integration but it also make website loads slowly as first it loads with header of website. If you want to load infolinks scripts at a later time after website loads then paste it on footer.php.

When you press infolinks code at footer.php then it does not slows down your website as it speeds up yours website to a considerable extent and it loads scripts as well. In order to find the relevant code, go to infolinks publisher center and then go to integrate column and then copy the code of javascript of any platform from there.

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