Bizarre Alien psychology

Since childhood days there have been so many talks about aliens, the species from outside world. Subsequently, we do see so many movies involving aliens. In Hollywood, there are instances of many fiction movies which deals with the presence of aliens. In the history of mankind, we do see the presence of a large number of stories of people about seeing the presence of aliens and they told some interesting incidents which some consider it as fact and some as fiction.

In most of these case, people believe to see that of aliens is like that of one palate. Interestingly when we do not have knowledge anything about how is the surface of looks like most people believe that it is one off flat surface so if someone goes through the sea and reach at the end of the flat surface then there is every chance he or she might fall into empty spaces of space from atmosphere of .

So from this, we can conclude that, whenever we do not have the iota of the idea about anything we consider it as the space of the flat surface. So, that could have been the reason for thinking about it.

As so far officially we do not have any such evidence as such which could justify the presence of aliens in the form of video or image formats. We only listen the series of pieces of evidence from people and that much.

Then comes Hollywood which does make some of most mesmerizing movies in this subjects, and those looks nice to eyes and enjoyment but still, there is no such truth in it as most of these are some of the pigments of imaginations.

In the movie ‘Alien’ we do see the presence of the alien as the monster as much similar to that of the evils and most of these are shown as parasites as they used to live and strong with the presence of blood of humans.

So far we make aliens or see in movies as that one of most weird look and that also most of the times not human-friendly. This makes us see and believe that whether such denomination of so far as perceived by us as the most notorious and they want to destroy human civilization and want to take control of earth.

In such manner, we do see the presence of aliens and these are portrayed as such and most of the times if we see it closely we do see and find that most of these looks almost similar to that of evils but should we not think another way.

In some of Hollywood movies we do see aliens as the form and factor almost similar to that of, evils or something just the broader sizes of snakes but is it that so or not as so far we have not confirmed barring some movies, where aliens are friendly but still we do make their face something which could not be described in normal circumstances.

Why it is happening as most of novels and movies the portrait of aliens seems to be in the stage of one of evils ones with their evil and notorious mind to take control of earth and removed and destroy humankind.

This is possible because so far as humans we could not solve the mysteries behind the presence of light years where there is almost shutter to ours visit space.

This means even if we decide to reach to Jupiter it still takes a lot of times as most of our calculations are shut off with it.

That is why in the absence of accurate information we have not been able to find out the exact bit of information about other species if they exist and paint them mostly with imaginative colors of writers.

There are some movies like ‘Extra-Terrestrial’ in which we do see some of the nice attributes of alien which stranded in the earth and in Hindi also similar movie influenced by the same subject ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ and the name of stranded alien is ‘Jadu’ and that provides some of most friendly version of aliens.

For a change, these movies sound good to see and enjoy and so far there is no concrete evidence of why we paint alien in bad colors and why such the state of difficulties of alien description. For some school of thoughts this is one of most marketable ways to see how aliens in movies industries, find their mention.

In Hindus, religious scriptures mentions of aliens are there and most of these in the sense of positivity. Think about blue colored Lord Vishnu, Lord , the elephant-headed but with human’s body all of these should indicate that in the ancient religious scriptures of Hindus we do find mentions of aliens but with most respectable ways.

The Dev Lok which means some other planet where inside different planets Devs used to fly with airplane or space shuttles which are called as Pushapak Viman.

But there are complete contrasts in the modern literature and movies scripts where the presence of aliens mostly seems that they want to attack humans. It can be but can it carry the accent of complete truth in it as so far there is no iota of information’s to support these theories.

Mostly when we do try to find out what is the thought processes of alien could have been we do find that most of these times there are desires to paint them with the thinking imagination of writers as the simple fact which we are missing till this date is that if they are coming to the earth time and again then for what some reason, they are not attacking us and overcome us to take the earth away from us.

If they have the power to reach to earth without intimating to us but still there is no such attack within us as within due course of time we do find that most of these images or videos taken for making the that aliens exist still most of these have not been able to prove that these are real. Some say that it is the other dimensions which they are moving as we do know human looking at the evidence limits to three or four dimensions and beyond it, we have no idea what so ever.

So, even if they are moving in the fifth or sixth dimensions then it should be considered as that they are stronger but can it be then why they are not attacking us as in those circumstances they will be completely invisible if this theory is believed it to be but sadly so far there is no such evidence that even if there are aliens in the universe or the other species dissimilar to humans.

Can it be not that aliens are just like us and we do not know as they are moving within us by hiding their identities? The ideas of writers can be moved to any such dimensions but this can also be there if aliens are exactly similar to humans.

Then comes the presence of how they speak our languages, the answer is that even we can talk English and write English even if it is not our mother tongue so can it be similar for aliens think about it. It may be true or may not be.

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