Matilda 1996 Movie Review

The story of Matilda is built on the writing of British Children’s author Ronald Dahl and the name of the novel is Matilda. The protagonist of this novel or this movie is Matilda WormWood. The roles are played by Mara Wilson. She acted brilliantly in this movie. Her expression of sadness and happiness brings about the real motion in this movie.

The roles of her parents are acted by Danny DeVito and his real-life-wife Rhea Perlman. Her parents do not want her to utilize her intelligence. They are cruel to her when she reads books instead of watching television. Matilda, since when she was small continues to move to a nearby library and there she used to read many books. While at her age children used to like to play but she used to involve herself in reading books.

When she grows older during various incidents she found that she had the most brilliant telekinetic power which used to move artificial objects through her command of eyes. When her class teacher for the first time shows her the kindness and she continue to find the meaning of happiness and slowly realize her extremely unique potential that she has the telekinetic power.

In a way the sufferings of her class teacher has similarity with of her sufferings. Her class teacher parents are no more and she continues to stay with her aunt who is cruel and incidentally the principal of the school where Matilda is reading.

Aunt of her class teacher is headmistress of school and her name in Miss Trunchbull and the role is played by Pam Ferris. The name of school is Cruhchem Hall and the principal used to behave rude to students and even caught hold them and throw them into gardens. She is very strict and extremely rude to children.

Her philosophy is why children there as they continue to do not so important work. In the mean time, Matilda’s father used to buy the old cars and fit into them the older parts and sell with high prices to customers and coming up the complains he is being closely watched by FBI agents. Matilda’s job is to come from school and receive the large courier packages that come to their home and the inside of it contains the older parts that her father used to fit into these older cars and sell them high prices.

Due to her attractions towards reading she used to reach to the library during the leisure time and some time these couriers are not received by her and that creates the ink from her parents and especially from her father. Matilda movie comes in the genre of comedy, kids, family and for, special interest in the sense of telekinetic power of Matilda.

This movie was released in theatres in August 2, 1996. It was manufactured by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. It was led by Danny Devito who happens to act in the father’s role of Matilda. Screenplay was written by Nicholas Kazan and Robin Swicord. This movie diverges from the original book written by Ronald Dahl but while watching this movie you will find the feeling that there is the sense of Matilda of original book all over in this movie.

Mara Wilson acted perfectly for her role in Matilda. The presence of telekinetic power exercised by Matilda in the climax of this movie is not terrifying but very interesting coupled with fantasies. Movie is a heart-warming movie, where there is the family of her who does not want her which goes on to show at the fag end of the movie when her parents are away from FBI to leave the city and then Matilda said she would stay with her class teacher they readily agreed about it.

It is children’s movie where there is an awful head mistress and in the climax when Matilda realized her potential of telekinetic power she exercised it with some wonderful screen play must provide some of the most awesome movie seeing experience. For persons it is a charming moving with potential to see some of the most outstanding scenes which must provide half-baked humors. The story is well told and the background voice telling in depth about development of this movie provides a humbling experience for viewers.

The special effects due to telekinetic power of Matilda is very natural and towards the climax when Matilda goes to Head Mistress’s home which is in fact home of her class teacher’s. The way she used her telekinetic powers that creates the sense of coming up of evil or ghost and the way the stubborn HeadMistress feels about it does provide wonderful sense of humor in this movie.

The business of Matilda’s father comes to the reality when there are certainly some of worse car dealers who used to provide such awesome bad deals to people. Matilda is the story of a wonderful girl equipped with rare telekinetic power with the worst parents ever and awful headmistress but the positive is that she has a wonderful school teacher.

This movie provides fantasies that come into reality with vivid experience where the hand-clapping performance of Matilda.

Through out this movie there are occasions at some point of time in Matilda faces difficulties but this is a fantasy movie and in the end all goes well and all of her difficulties put to rest and she stays with her favorite teacher as she adopted her. This movie is very inspirational and motivational and does provide some of the best moments of happiness. In the end this movie is Americanised but still the spirit of Matilda is there and it does provide some of the finest provision of storytelling.

If you compare this movie with that of Harry Potter’s series of movies you would find the fine print of inspiration of L.K. Rowling where Harry had to stay with unpleasant families which are similar to Wordwoods and this movie in real provides awesome movie experience with pleasant happenings. This goes on to provide that in the life of yours school days the pleasant relationships between Matilda and her class teacher Mrs Honey goes on to remember we do some have such sweet relationships in school days and this movie becomes extremely real life portrait where everything comes into real entity.

This movie is a great to see the family and is an entertainer for both adults and kids and does provide some of the most heart-warming moments and the determination of the character Matilda does provide some of the best and momentous film screening ever. In the end you would find the story line utterly fantastic but the presence of notion that bad and evil persons need to be punished even if they are adults and to be punished by children could provide some bad influences on the children who are born and brought up in similar environments. In the end, this is one of the most memorable and enjoyable movie ever which I see and reviewed.

This movie goes on to show that life of a child has different emotions and it does come up with different experiences from time to time and despite presence of humbleness in this movie the plot and the series of humors make this movie completely enjoyable.

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