Let me stay out from Google one day

While thinking about on which subject I should write an article and suddenly one idea comes that let my android device stay out from all of Google apps and try to find out what will be the results. First and foremost I should take one device and here my test device is Lyf Water 7. In this case, I deliberately took this decision to take to the experiment of one device which is related with Jio Sim.

Why I choose to prefer Jio SIM due to the idea that Jio does provide so many of relevant apps which can be used with the device so as to say alternatives for some of most sought after Google apps. The problem with some of Google Apps is that most of these apps are for high end devices and most of these perform nicely but still take huge form of device RAM and want to use the internet so as to provide from time to time with newer stories.

I always fond of Google Apps because of its periodic suggestions about some of the very interesting facts. The problem is that it is for higher RAM and even if I like it but I would not like my device lose its battery sooner as well as does not like that some of most sought after apps such as dialer and phone should open as soon as I wish not slower in speed so I decided to disable it and in turn I use, ‘Jio Express News’ and it does provide some of relevant news and suggestions but if I compare with Google Apps still the difference is miles away.

Still, I do find plenty of nice suggestions and prime factor is that this app is lite in system resources and it stays out of too many of RAM resources. So, for reading some of the relevant news and especially for the political and local news this app from Jio is nice and also saving some of my system resources for sure. Then, the question comes forward with the presence of Google Chrome as default or alternative browser.

Google Chrome for android work nicely and it is feature rich and its synchronization with the desktop version outsmarts most of web browsers for the android. Still, I find this browser is heavier for low end devices and it takes huge load on RAM as well as it takes some time to browse internet and for this I decided to disable it and then I decided first to download ‘Opera Mini Browser’ and installed it.

It is fast and saves data and it renders website faster. I found two problems with it and the first one is that of its news snippets and some of its inbuilt news snippets provide some of adult news and this is not accepting and the second one is that it is full of advertisements and this means it though saves my data through its data saver but still it eats away data with advertisements and this means that it is cutting away my data as well as if advertisements comes unwarranted then it is annoying too.

So, I decided to use the inbuilt browser known as ‘Internet’ and it is always fast and it performs every tasks easily and for this I decided to use for the sake of internet whenever I do with android mobile and uninstall Opera Mini Browser as well as that of disable Google Chrome for android too.

Then I dwell into ‘Security’ settings and from there in Device Administrator‘’, I disable ‘Find My Device’ and then I went to Google Play Store and download ‘Jio Security’. Jio does provide the premium antivirus protection in the form of Norton and it is free with Jio Sim and then I activate ‘Jio Security’ device administrator.

In this way, I try to move from most of the relevant and successful google services so that I want to see by using the alternatives of it how these are reflecting on the performance of my device. Whether it is performing nicely or badly but what I have found that the performance of my phone slowly coming back to its normalcy and most of the most sought after applications are performing above my expectations.

Then, I disable ‘You Tube’ and download ‘YouTube Go’ which is the light weight version of it and it is fast and the download formats are smaller and this will make my way to use YouTube whenever I think with Go version so as to minimize impact on system resources. Lyf Water 7 has Android 5 so some of other Go apps cannot be used but since there are alternatives for me such Jio Cloud in the place of Google Drive.

The latest version of Jio Cloud is providing update of images in its optimized format so that this will not take space but still it will be there for you whenever you want to see those images. This is similar to Google Photos which also uploads images in its optimized format to save precious space on your account. Apart from this uploading patterns into Jio Cloud work just like Apple storage solutions as it is comprehensive and has faster uploading time.

Due to it has been created by Jio the seamless integration with it excellent and the process of uploading of files including that of multimedia files and it has the default player to run these music from cloud without connecting to internet. Its offline upload feature works wonders as it automatically uploads music and then keep the link of it and then without connecting to internet it works nicely and in this way the storage solutions also create one of the most provisional storage mechanisms.

What it feels to you and makes for you that now you have one of the most securest place for yours files and with this manner the uploads parameters of files also easily integrated and this makes the using of cloud and closeness of cloud into real computing makes it the most sought after storage solutions. In short, we could find with this app there is comprehensive lesser space between the clouds computing with that of real-time computing.

The next I decided to disable Google Play Music which has nice subscription but still if I find with Jio sim the Jio Music free of cost and that too of high definition songs and that should provide me another idea to use it as the replacement of Google Play Music. I have another option for built in songs and I decided to upload to Jio Cloud and then make it available for offline and this makes that I delete all the songs of hard disc and can now able to use it from cloud and the difference between online and offline cloud can be clearly visible.

In addition to this, Jio Cloud manages to back up my contacts and in this way, I can restore these contacts to another device by installing Jio Cloud into it and in this way all of my contacts are kept in safe houses. In addition to this even if my android operating system is android 5 still I can and should stop annoying calls by blocking these through Jio Security and for this I do not have to buy another phone with the latest android operating system installed with it.

What it summarizes is that I am very much fond of Google’s apps and intended to use on my high end mobile but not intended to use all of these high-powered apps in my low end mobiles which I use while I am on the journey for the short distance.

I decided to use alternatives to Google Apps and with Jio sim I have done good I think considering the amount of apps I have been using and the manner these apps are made to be used and in the next and following chapter of article I will intended to see whether I could use some of older version of app or even Google Apps and how these perform.

In short the basic concept of android is to make it more and more towards artificial intelligence and with due course of time we have seen this emergence in building up this complete and most wonderful android device customized for your self only.

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