Google’s ad blocking integration in Chrome

Most of other popular web browsers such as Opera have its own native ad-blocking mechanisms and Firefox has its own built-in tracking protection in its Firefox Quantum. Google is also thinking about integrating these protections into its chrome built. Either due to pressure from other web browsers Google is compelled to do so and for this the process began some days ago. This process of blocking ads in Chrome by Google is continuing for some days.

Google in collaboration with coalition for better ads standards aims to provide users to supply good ads and blocks ads from where the destination of ads is not found. This research finds out many a time ads that are of lowest quality other users and they opt for using ad blocking. This comes to conclusion that users still want to see the ads but they want to see better ads.

Most people dislikes ads that are popping up in desktop and auto playing video ads that comes with sound to take most of internet bandwidth of users. They also disliked presidential ads with countdown, large sticky ads in desktop.

In term of mobile web experiences the research finds out that, the presence of pop-up ads, auto playing video ads with sound, presidential ads , political ads with countdown, ad density higher that 30 percentages in pages, presence of full-screen scroll over ads, flashing animated ads, large sticky ads in mobile web is causing users greater concern while browsing with mobile devices.

This research is more of towards a consumer-centric methodology where from the determination and experiences of consumers who use these devices such as mobile and desktop comes to the real denomination of using these devices and in which way web can be better understood and comes for wide variety of enjoyment. It aims to find out real world advertising viewing of consumers and what their experience in dealing with.

If you are webmaster and using advertising from better sources than from time to time your advertising partner should intimate you to update your ads.txt files so that consumers who wish to see what the ads you are using should have a clearly defined idea when they see your website. If you want to see what my website is using advertisement then simply open your web browser and then from there go to following URL.

Similarly you can go to any website and add the ads.txt extension is URL to find out the advertisement that website is using. From this move it is evident that Google does not want users to block all ads which have been doing by most of ad blocker extensions but instead it want to block unrecognized and irritating ads that are blocking and rendering of reading time of users while they visit any website.

As webmaster I do support that relevant ads should always be there so that users can easily find mentionable evidence of some relevant website related to the topic that he or she is reading there on the web. On another point, these ads should not slow down page rendering time as well as should not stop focusing on articles.

According to StatsCounter the web browser market share of Google is almost nearly 55% as most of other web browser has been blocking ads and allowing better ads such as when we do see Firefox blocking it shows ads in YouTube and this also goes on to show that most of web browser do not always want to stop all ads but they opt for showing out better ads which are better recognized and well authenticated through the presentation of ads.txt of website.

Those website that are not in compliance with better ad standards of Google, in future Google will block those ads. It aims to block ads related to intrusive, distracting and annoying advertisements presentations on website. These standards for better ads are developed by extensive research created by a coalition for better ads and Google will soon implement these advertisements standards.

Google Chrome has already the built-in ‘Google Safe Browsing’ which continues to block malware, fraud, phishing, pop up driven unwanted behavior provided by websites and warns users to reach these website. In default of chrome checks each and every website for such behavior to find out whether the website user is browsing safer or not as Google has its own set up rule for such checking out websites for bad behaviors and it periodically checks for these lists.

Now, these safe browsing experiences is being extended to ‘better ads’ standards and this includes to block such websites which are presenting with such intrusive and other elements of ads and this aims to provide better advertisement standards and does not slows down website browsing in web browsers further. In future Google might offer the list of websites that are not compatible with better ad-standards for other web-browsers in order to block this website.

Google is also offering website developers the ad experience report for them in order to understand what Google wanted from these website developers to set what the advertisement performance of website it could have been. From time to time Google will use popular ad blocking extensions such as EasyList and EasyPrivacy and update on its list in order to block intrusive advertisements from appearing in its web browser.

However, enforcement of these is primarily different from that of other ad blockers have been using as these lists will then be scanned and merged with better advertisement standards and then that list will be enforced within chrome browser. Users cannot add their own blacklisting of advertisements but users have the permit to allow or deny any website to appear in the block list if they have intrusive ads.

If users want to have more control over it than they can go for popular third party plugin instead but still the users who want to use these inbuilt chrome black lists still use it and these would be updated from time to time. Users will find these notifications on their Omni bar and they have the option to enable or disable it. Chrome will implement transparent mechanisms to block ads and perhaps some time shows up relevant ads which users will find useful.

Google has its smart lock installed with many devices which automatically remember the passwords if you want to save it with some third party vendors then you can use Norton Vault or LassPass extension so that you could secure your passwords. If you decide not to block all cookies instead selective of it then there is a good extension known as Vanilla which empower you to save or delete any cookies you want and thus it is for advanced users who can decide all by them about it.

Apart from this there are certain regulations you should follow. Periodically you should delete browsing data so that ultimately your browser should start from the beginning. Of late I have found uBlock extension to be one of the most trusted and most used extension users. Always remember that when you are online most of yours online activities can be seen by others and it is important to secure your online activities to its fullest so that when ever you connect to internet yours each and every data should be secure and completely block hackers from stealing yours identities.

Securing web browser becomes the first line of defense, as blocking of all such activities which track you can save you from various serious security and identity threats from external hackers and attackers. By going through all of these steps one could find more and more serious and sophisticated forms of understanding finding out what should have been the better idea to completely secure your web presence.


The webmasters who have implemented better ads standards and implemented ads.txt on their website at the root of the domain would find it extremely comfortable that their website will show ads if they pass these standards and this means on revenue wise their website would gain more in the coming time.

In the future after enabling this feature most probably on February 15 2018, whether these feature standard is being supported by users or not time will tell but in times of future it is evident that most of major web browsers have their own built in ad blocking feature such as these would speed up website rendering time and loads website faster and this will make internet a wonderful place to enjoy out there.

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