Strangers in my native land

In the land of known figures, despite being away for some time from time to time you will find so many of familiar figures that always make you feel in the society. In the land where one is born despite being away for some time still there are so many familiar faces here and there could be seen and could be recognizable easily. When one moves into so many directions here and there so easily so many familiar happenings can be found and in the mean time even at the town or city of familiarity one could see the presence of large segment of travelers still one can recognize every persons that there are not the natives here in.

In this era of absolute computing and social networking there is some time when one gets tired of all of these and move towards most positive and most vibrant aspect of understanding everything that is there and try hard to be stay in the root though there is greater negativity spreading here and there but still every aspect of understanding the momentary shift from one segment to another always provides the stem system of looking towards root and managing everything from there on.

When I move towards the same age-old familiar streets I always find more and more intuitive about it though in whatever sense these takes the you turn but still we find it the single most shift towards achieving everything that becomes so much of positivity and vibrant that it makes you smile like flowers all over out there. There is more and more presence of a large segment of encroachments in and around these places the roads is good but on the side of it we see more and more parking for travelling agents which make walking into these roads difficult.

To add to misery to the worries is the presence of large number of municipal taps on the side of roads which is for the people to drink water but most of these is being taken over by the temporary breakfast shops who used to wash the entire lane in front of their makeshift shop as well as, the presence of so many number of vehicles which are there on the side of roads nearer to Subhash Bose square and the pedestrians are not used to as most of these roads are squeezed and the walkable areas are shortened by the illegal parking on these roads.

There are small shops which sell contraband without any license and to the utter surprise there are so many laws enforcing agencies are there but they are not stopping these small shops of selling such contraband without any license. This is the show of how the law of the land is directly obstructed but still they carry on selling and as the result people here and they are taking this and blowing the polluted air as the result of it and walking in those areas becomes extremely unhealthy.

In the meantime nearer to sea-beach, there is the place for footpaths but most of these places covered with tiny breakfast shops or some shops and they block entirely walk able roads for pedestrians and that makes walking in and around those places extremely difficult. I saw the sea-beach of Chennai as well as other places but not where I see such large number of shops encroaching not only sea-beach and its sand but also the entire bit of foot paths which are originally the pedestrians to walk comfortably.

To my utter surprise most of these footpaths are either covered by these break fast shops or some tourists who refuse to move and one is going to down to the roads as the roads in the front of Puri Hotel is very narrower due to encroachment of these hotels and continue to shrink entire space and at some of the places inside footpath there is the presence of large number of luggages and these stay at that place, and remain there and one is going to the roads to cross it and I surprise at the state of thinking of these travelers who boastfully stopped other to move across.

In the mean time nearer to sea-beach for the last few days the presence of some people who are not speaking native languages and they are sleeping on the foot paths and cover it and walking across the road is proving to be extremely dangerous due to the large number of moving of inter-state vehicles making walking for pedestrians most difficult.

The presence of these people who are speaking not the native languages and it is surprising that even the presence of law-enforcing agencies which are moving in that places time and again but they are not taking these people and asking and investigating about these people.

They are strangers and in the land of known there is no place for strangers they are not visitors who come and then go but they are living and occupying these places and that makes their movement suspicious and it is important to understand in these times where the security is paramount and the presence of these people even in the front of sea-beach police station. That is why truth is supposed to be out and who are these people and from where they are entering here and all of these are the main focal point to understand.

While walking in the winter morning across these main roads in fact popularly it is called as VIP road, while moving nearer to sea-beach I see most of these places is cut short and even walking in these roads are becoming extremely difficult and sketchy and the way the vehicles are moving from the inter-state, it is becoming more and more difficult for, pedestrians as the inter-state vehicles is moving in rocket speed and there is no way to stop there fast movements.

So, this article is meant for visitors too who are planning to reach to Puri and want to enjoy it and in the same time they must see how difficult walking lanes here and there and it is important for them to move carefully in these roads so that safety first is the goal of attainment and that is the sole course of action and I hope for one day when these temporary shops covering entire footpath areas is going to be abolished one day and movement in these footpath all across marine drive is going to be one of the most outstanding walking experience ever.

In addition to this the large presence of so many strangers in and around these town is the most difficult ones and how these people reach and what is their native country are they either from India or from outside is the most significant aspect and it is important to control them and investigate their presence and learn what is their motive and why they come here are the most significant burning questions that is going to be ahead of every mind and it is important to solve these for safety on these lands.

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