Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Movie Review

After successful movie of ‘Independence Day’ in 1996, its second version comes after two decades known as ‘Independence Day Resurgence’ in 2016. This movie specifically based upon alien invasion towards earth. The most powerful alien invasion comes to earth to destroy its atmosphere so that the entire existence of entire human civilization at its risk.  The return of a new extra solar threat with new vigor and power comes to haunt the earth.

Simultaneously, many angles of stories move in this movie. In this difficult situation, the entire world’s army must unite to fight against one of powerful alien invasions and can they taste the success? After the super success of ‘Independence Day’ 20th Century Fox paid the script writer Dean Devlin a large sum of money to write its sequel but sadly after some time he could not write a good story and he left all the money to the producers.

After 15 years, Dean Devlin teaming up with Roland Emmerich and wrote this script which they feel is a good script for the sequel of super success ‘Independence Day’. At the end of this movie there is a dedication line which reads as “In Memoriam: Robert Loggia”, who worked two sequels of this movie and passed away in 2015.

Originally Will Smith the main protagonist of ‘Independence Day’ deemed to be in the main role but the production team 20th Century Fox refused to meet his demand for a 50 million dollars for two sequels and that is why he is not here in this sequel. This movie also gets into some sort of confusion and recasting of many leading roles.

In this movie, locations of ESD (Earth Space Defiance Program) have space stations in Earth, The Moon, Mars and Rhea. Rhea is a different largest moon of planet Saturn. The director of movies shows that he is fascinated by the advent of aliens and his star casting and movement of screenplays inside entire movies shoes exactly this.

In this movie when the alien comes up with a massive space craft and its diameter is equal to Jupiter’s moon Europa which has almost 4830 kilometers in width. In addition to this that space craft has its gravity. This adds one new dimension to the movie but the amount of characterization always seems to suggest the director is trying to tell the story always in the movie.

Due to close encounter with aliens in the first version of sequel in this movie former President Whitmore has the disease namely ‘Alien psychic residual condition’ which makes him severely mentally disturbed and haunted by the time and again ghost stories of aliens.

This movie show up at many points in humanity is implementing the techniques used by aliens and ultimately the power of humanity is on the rise. All the world is now united and there is no division and no country specific patrons. Everyone is using everything to fight against the power of aliens.

This movie was shot digitally. The original version of movies was shot in Super-35. The name of the space suits, in this movie is known as ‘Aeromax ’ spacesuits. The most difficult part is that every character is talking about past and trying to make up for the future. In this movie there is complete lack of emotions in speeches of characters. The character emotions of actors are not so good. Dialogue delivery does not provide a true sense of reality into characterization.

There are so many of the characters and so much of simultaneous scenes moving and this cramp the movies and just becomes one of story-telling incidents. Movies tried hard to show so much of disturbances caused by aliens on earth but that does not make you too much of excitement though as it continues to provide boring sequences events with some bad to worse dialogue delivery.

It seems several stories are united into one and then there is some forcible inclusion of past sequence in this movie after seeing half of this movie you will find yourself in the state of absolute boredom. The movement of scenes and scripts is very slow. There is no coherence in the series of scenes and many a time the presence of actionable intelligence is not there and there is too much of stories moving inside this movie which makes this movie extremely difficult to understand.

There is no stamp of characters anywhere in this movie and this movie cannot be compared with some good sci-fi movies. Still if you have special interest towards original movies and watching some alien invasions and wishing to see entire world now united to fight out against aliens, this movies shows us everything but still there are some lazy moments though but it is absolutely depends upon the person who watch these movies.

The theory about killing aliens from behind begins with this and this goes on to provide some childish script writing as how come and how reasonable is this to think of it. Nevertheless in the entire movies we find some really awesome presentation of ideas but these ideas seems to suggest too big but still while watching this movie one could find these senses of a united world and dream can never ever be small to that point.

In this movie we see presence of aliens, battle, alien invasion, human versus aliens, force field, fighter crafts, moon, alien fighter craft, planet core, body armor and several newer and most advantageous semantics presence in this and that makes movie the single most point to watch it out. There are some experience of near death experience, paranoid, danger and revenge everything we do find this movies and most of these are great to see the part of realties does not come to the most dynamic manner.

In the end if I summarize the movie then I find that I have the eagerness to see almost three fourth of this movies as the in previous scenes there is almost the clear cut references of how this movies is going to be, and how to kill alien and whom to kill and the presence of queen all been given by characters without any reasoning as if they know everything. How they know these references do not provide anything concrete about it and this means the story aims to provide so much but in between lack the presence of reasoning of scripts at some points of time.

Acting wise the main characters lack the real technique of everything beginning with dialogue delivery towards the sense of humors which goes lacks of clarity in many places. I hope everyone beginning from making of this movie must learnt the mistakes they have done and in the end it is inevitable to take good actors so that they can manage and make up everything that lacks in the movies which is the prime point and this also shows that everything technology is not going to do the best as the characters who are driven by technology should be there to present and provide mileage to the movie.

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