How to increase your customer acquisition ability?

In this era of faster computing and humongous source of data creation from time to time we see how people with technology know how slowly, moving to the stage of utter disdain and disrespectful. We know, there is super fast internet is available at affordable rates as well as there is every services which can be contacted through mails and other feedback forms but still the manner some of the employees of big shopping malls tend not to behave well and they continue to provide some of the disrespectful etiquettes to people and customers.

The employees of big shopping mall tend not to realize such mistakes as in each and every business customer is the king and treat customer as the king and respect them but it has been seen most of employees or at least few of them tend to behave awkwardly to customer and disregarding their etiquettes towards them.

They forget that not every customers, are the same as that of others, many customers are equipped with large sum of technological advancements, and now due to advancement of technology, each and every letters can be send online and that is why during work especially during work at marketing divisions one need to be extra careful while dealing with customers. In this world of faster internet and everything that comes in the form of technology and even the complaints can be initiated in the form of emails and contact through the internet.
The effects of customer satisfaction in relational marketing

That is why as the seller and marketer one has to be extremely careful while dealing in straight with customers. This is in the sense that one need to be extremely careful while talking to customers and needs to be vigilant in the pursue of it. If a customer is asking for help then take it seriously and try to understand their problem in clear and try to solve these with due care and utmost sanity so that the customer should not be feeling left out at any point of time.

Try to understand the problem in terms of customer and try to place yourselves on the front of customers and then try to move with him and go to the stage where these difficulties arise. Talk with the other person who deals with that customer with filed and try hard to understand their perspective but keep always the perception of customers at higher valued zones. In the meantime instead of cooling customers do try hard to understand their perceptive and try to assure them time and again for good services.

Do not over do anything while dealing with such situation, as well as do no talk carelessly to distress customers, it is important to understand their distress in complete detail and then move slowly and understandably first solve their problem and then you can take any further advice for other co-workers. In one instance, a customer take one coconut oil which is rupees 65 and comes to the counter with for billing. In the meantime, the price of that particular brand of coconut increased from 65 to 75 bucks but at the shelf at the extreme inside the older coconut priced 65 is there and the customers cleverly brings back that coconut oil instead of the higher priced coconut oils.

While at the counter the person who is filling out there, write that coconut code and the already fitting price of 75 comes instead of 65.Billing done and when after payment the customer checks for pricing finds out that the price of coconut oil is wrongly billed. Now, what should be done to reduce the anxiety of depressed consumer? The billing person gives one 10 rupee biscuits. Customer goes away with not so satisfy look and this is what most shops find the real problem of customer deprivation and dissatisfaction.

Though customers returned from there but still the doubts and other difficulties surrounds in her mind continue to be there and slowly that points the negative aspect towards shopping experience on that shop. In that situation the shop keeper or the billing person should have reverse the bill and returned the ten rupees as it is evident that the customer have, chosen that coconut oil from behind as this means he seen the price of coconut oil and then choose the cheaper one in order to have ten rupees minus shopping but due to lackluster performance of the billing person, the entirety should be seen in greater details so as to find that at that juncture even after knowing what went wrong at that juncture, the billing person should have reversed the decision and give ten rupees which he has taken in additional so as to provide the greater customer satisfaction to customers.

The difference is that in each occasion the customer left but in the first occasion we have seen that customer left dissatisfied as the perceive is that he lost ten rupees even though he tries to reduce the cost of buying on the other hand in the second stage we have seen that, how such the large number of ideas of giving the alternative to ten rupees has not fared well instead if the bill could have been reversed and the billing person should have left ten rupees to customers could be a great idea for complete customer satisfaction.

So for decision making in these arena there is the slight difference, allow here as the positivity and the patterns of movement of making decision making in terms of such large customer satisfaction index that needs to be attended and controlled well so as to provide some of the awesome marketing management ever.

These are some of the most, useful and niche marketing tactics, where we could find more and more fundamental aspects, This all leads to some of the most outstanding learning where we could find plenty of corrective measures and I hope the persons who are in the field of marketing should possess and understand and learn these new tricks in order to find out and understand how such and such smaller gestures matter huge for the customers and these needs to be attended and maintained well.

In these circumstances the stores should be well watched by the heads and how the billing staffs are attending to customers and how correctly they are devising their work out so as to provide better integration with customer satisfaction and when such and such difficulties arises the heads of stores should watch it in greater detail.

It is important for all marketing executives to understand that customer is king and ultimate point of action is the complete customer satisfaction and this needs to be well attended and during these zones if these are not attended to the complete extent then for sure one needs to understand and help and make the teamwork successful in attending this.

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