How to build a website from scratch

While thinking of a website creation might have been simpler idea as the first case more and more vendors offer for easier solutions but in reality, it matters more what one thinks of. In the first case connecting web domain to web-hosting does take some bit of ideas to execute and for this it is essential to understand the flow of ideas that should be there but in reality these are some of the basic functionalities one needs to follow.

Then entering into hosting account, search for softaculous app installer and from there choose WordPress to install it automatically. If you are competent enough to install it all by yourself then you can skip this step. WordPress provides users dual opportunities to install it automatically, as well as, more geek users, can install it manually.

Then, there is some more work to be done as the DNS mapping does take more than 24 hours so when you first go for creation of website it is important to wait for some moments such as one or two days so that DNS mapping can be done efficiently. Then just open your webpage or domain name to go see in action and if that so then go for other specifications of website.

Then, go for themes. It is the most difficult choices you have something to do with it. It provides the scenic presence, of website and this is the most important task you have something to do at first. For me buying a theme does not matter, if you can do it by yourself, then you can do it, or else, go for pre-made theme by WordPress which are good enough for you too.

I personally, prefer ‘Twenty Twelve’ theme for its great value of customization as well as the way you can manipulate and introduce many features within it easily. First you have to create a child theme of ‘Twenty Twelve’so that from time to time when it is updated from WordPress all of your customizations should not be deleted and you have to start from the scratch again.

First create the child theme and then introduce the changes into it and from time to time while editing and managing them from hosting account you will learn about many such newer and more advanced customizations as long as you run your website experience. In due course of time running and managing of child theme provides you with an awesome level of ideas and of there you could know that from time to time you can even make your website runs with quite decent ideas and with plenty of new and innovative presentations.

Plugins and add ones are some of the great way to manage word press websites as there are many of functionalities automatically, done but if you prefer to do with it then it is okay and in realties there are many such functionalities with WordPress are available, which can be done with simpler code snippets and it is up for grabs for you which one to choose as for these code snippets you do not have to do it some astronomical science instead there are these code snippets that are available online and you can search for it and then install it through hosting account.

With due course of time, you will find it as one of many fun at coding where you could see the website live on it and in due course of time all of these create some of the much needed instruments, for success. Then, there are many new substitutes you can learn from this website such as creating pages, and installation of plugins and so on. Then comes the phenomenon of using content delivery networks, and making your site returning to SSL.

Google and other search engines are propagating and urging web masters to use HTTPS protocol into their sites and for this if you buy this through hosting account he would cost you a large sum of money. No need to worry about it, as go for free content distribution network such as Cloud flare and then within its dashboard you can make your site running with SSL for free to end in this way, you can convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

With due course of time you will learn that there is two way to see the world, the first one is that of buying for all of these and the second one is that you can do this all such as for content distribution network as well as HTPPS for free. So, in due course of time you learn about how to do some sort of coding and management of hosting to get all of these expensive features for absolutely free.

That is why you will find of with WordPress and this tremendous bit of management and configuration option it does provide users. This is the beauty of it as with due course of time you will find more and more configurable options and most of these are just for free. Even with due course of time after one or two years you will find that yours host is also providing some of the newer and additional features such as caching solutions, site map solutions and some other solutions absolutely free and most of these can be easily configurable through hosts.

In addition to it, if you follow the web carefully, you could find that most tasks that have been done with the help of plugins are slowly being done with the help of small code snippets. Even inserting off of advertisements can be done with codes and all that needs a smart little search enabled mind of you. What it tends to imply you that with due course of time you could find more and more resources for enabling custom use of such codes and with brilliant observation even without thorough knowledge of codes you can do much better?

Even you can add social networking buttons easily without any difficulties. There is no need to add any plugin as most of the time these tend to slow down page loading time as well as if those plugins are not maintained well then there is every possibilities of security parameters and danger to your site.

Even you can add bread crumbs, dynamic copyright texts, pagination and host of other functions by writing a small snippet of code and these codes can be found on the internet and make a thorough and complete search on these subjects with your favorite search engines. Many WordPress functions related to security can be done with small pieces of codes and you just need to be alerted and find out those codes from internet.

What it is meant is that in due course of time one would find that every detail about how to perform a perfect coding program with WordPress and of course slowly you would find it very easy to attempt and customize your site for perfection.

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