Flash backs

When we think every time about the past and continue to stay in the presence we could find plenty of such large number of ideas which might have proven to be not so good in the current time. The mirages of dealing with these pasts and remembering these prove to be one of the most common distinguishable elements where we could find everything that should stay in right order but still with the available technologies, where everything we come across could have been the signs of some other spontaneous elements which slowly becomes so much irrelevant as of today.

Think about the presence of terrestrial antennas where we tend to see some of the most colorful presence of television and during those times the movement of these antennas could be here and there with slight movement of air. We tend to move to balcony to adjust the direction of antennas and to keep it in appropriate places.

This many a times seems to be one of major sense of enjoyment as well as the installation of these antennas all over in those places seems to possess and provide the much needed and more importantly the through movement of ideas where we tend to be becoming one of the most needful ideas maker to find out the right direction of antenna to have the good sense of picture receive on television.

I could remember when the television begins, and we were at a distant position from the television studio of nearby areas and the picture comes in the form of ghosts, and we tend to try hard to see through which is the right picture and the telecast must have been about such as such.

tvDuring those times there is also politicization of installation of television stations and those who are favor of the party of the day in power tend to get television studios and this makes the circulation of television signals all over and that provides the real sense of ideas of how slowly the demands of such television standards being taken out of these proportions.

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When we tend to reach at capital we tend to find about, the more and more clear view and after some time the broadcasting of cricket matches begin and that provides the real sense of amusement and excitement among us and when we tend to think about such postures and compare it with current satellite signals as well s that of digital television signals we tend to find out that, come across a large number of changes during these course of events.

I still also think of those situations where I could listen to shortwave radios where there is presence of so many long distances radio stations and when I reach to balcony and attach the radio set with antenna wires where I could find the increase of signal as well as the power of stations within these places.

Many a times it makes me feel that, as I could invent something out of it as well as that within due course of time, I have found several such miniature inventions for me and that is mostly due to the presence of such large scale and cumbersome technologies which comes at the right time to us from time to time.

When I reach to the flashback of memories I tend to find that such and such small inventive methods even during those times of childhood that makes an deeper impacts on hindsight and even today when I try to use the transistor though rarely I could still tend to use it and this time nearer to satellite antenna or wires.

Somewhere during that time we were at Tensa and there the television signal does not come with clarity and this time we could find that, the local distributor used to come up with solution of providing large antennas of about fur storied high and these tend to be balanced with stave wires so that it remains steadier and the signal comes in the right perspective.

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Even as of today when I remember such elements of televisions signal processing I tend to find it quite at laugh but the motivation to find out the right signal has always been with us and this makes the processing of ideas as well as something such careful that even such prolonged and long antennas could stand there to receive and provide the mild signal to televisions.

What surprises me is the presence of ideas of the local television distributor who tend to provide the longer stave wires to make the balancing act of antennas and such as the binding and the engineering marvels provided by them even during the course of stronger winds we tend to find that those antennas still intact.

Then we slowly reach to the stage of era of cable television where we d find at some points of streets there are evolutions of small entrepreneurs who tend to distribute signals and cable televisions and we tend to see some of the most variety of news channels apart from government owned channels.

Slowly, they do provide movies into their own channels and then slowly bigger enterprises enter into these business such as Ortel and others and they have vast networks who worked under them and they provide the channels in large scales. There is large scale evolutions of television within these last 30 years and within these times the most prominent part of understanding the consumer demands are that of providing well adequate signal mechanisms and last not the least is from Reliance Jio which is providing the signals through 4G Volte Lte and now even videos can be streamed and webcast to televisions to make it watching of television enjoyable.

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During the course of development of technology we do find more and more evolutionary methods to tackle them out as well as some of the most brilliant tenets to see how these come across some of the most outstanding development of ours time is to find out how such and such levels of development could provide the ideas that we could tend to find it light and wonderful.

When the development of technology becomes people friendly and people always finds that such and such levels of technological developments are so huge that ultimately we could find more and more fundamental and wonderful way to innovate ourselves we tend to find the marvels of technology in right spirits.

With due course of time we have found that such and such small tools such as balloons which to be connected behind the televisions to receive signals and how to use it and how to repair it and with due course of time we have also learnt about, such and such small developments which tend to be marvels in the coming months.

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