Case study: Risks of Customer Relationship Management

Learning and understanding about how marketing goes up do not need studying in-depth about marketing in management days. It solely depends upon personal experience of the customer to have strong and solid ideas of how the tenacity of marketing management goes up. While studying we just experience the day to day case studies of some and the hypothesis and ideas coming out of it.

It is in a way observe and find out in day to day life how such concept are in work and we can even observe it and understand it and there is no rocket science involved with these phenomenon of understanding how marketing concepts are being cared out in practical manners.

There is a street vendor shop at the posh area of marketing and that shop is meant for tiffin purpose. That shop is run by both father and son duo and has been around for many years and people flock around these shops in order to have tiffin though there has been many shops around but still one could not find a better tastes and that is the reason people flocked there and mostly the shops nearby stays as it is still the marketing of that shops over.

Why the shops that are nearby could not have their business still the shops in and around that places because of the taste as well as the amount of curry that person is giving at the same price has been not so comparable. People used to wait for sometimes still the time they receive their part of tiffin and that is the whole beauty of that marketing as and when you stay there for some time and watching how that shop is doing the business as there are three more workers apart from father and son duos who has been receiving the money as well as they are watching which persons are waiting and distributing them.

The way these five persons in that shop show the speediness of distributing tiffin justifies the speed in which they are working as well as most of the visitors are there going with a satisfied look only to justify how this shop is working. On this Sunday, when I reached there for tiffin and see that today both father and son duos are not distribution department but they are in the receiving money department and two of their workers are allocating tiffins out there. Both father and son have been standing and receiving money as well as providing information to their worker to provide such and such persons.

Due to advent of New Year entire coastal town has been filtered with large number of police men standing at everywhere and in each of squares and suddenly there numbers are on the rise and I saw some policemen has been standing there and eating tiffins from that shop and suddenly the attention of both father and son duos got concentrated on them and they continue to provide them tiffins as they are at least seven to eight in numbers and then, both the father and son duos are listening to them instead of listening to customers.

What can it be say, as with fear they might have been treating them considering that though the shop is very popular but it does not stand at the proper place as it stands in between roads or by the side of road and stopping the process of walking as well as they might feel that those policemen could remove them from selling and in between they ignore certain customers and half of it speaking not native languages which means that they might have been tourists and reached to this shop for morning tiffin.

Now, can we call this another marketing phenomenon of feeding and attending police people first and giving them the first choice instead of waiting customers due to fear of removing and not allowing them to sell out there. If they are removed from that location then the location advantage of that shop goes to complete null and for this it is important to understand the significant of their behavior and could this be included in the segment of security in order to provide and manage marketing hence lot to be understood and deep-linking ideas to be understand how such street vendor shops runs with such high-levels of pressures from all over.

In the midst of all of these we tend to ignore that even at that time there are many customers who are waiting eagerly for food and they are waiting eagerly for their turn but sadly both father and son duos are providing preferences to police men who in fact flock in large numbers out there and that does provide one of the most outstanding phenomenon of how such situation to be dealt by marketing manager and is there any such marketing concept there to deal with effectively.

Am being the management student as well as dealing in my initial years working with high capacity in various marketing management unable to find answer to this, as for their own sake and security of their shop, they need to have their shop at that juncture but alternatively they are ignoring new and prospective customers out there and this must have introduced some sort of customer dissatisfaction and how to deal with this and which one to deal first is the most significant question arises here.

In this situation even no management lessons required or being learnt here as both father and son duos seemingly not so literate but still both of them, have decided to treat the policemen first and then does not listen to the calls of tourists instead they are listening in between the local people like me who have reached there. This is one of the better understanding and management of ideas where the father is treating the policemen and the son is treating the locals and in the meantime despite repeated urge most tourists are constantly being ignored.

In the spate of seconds they have taken this decision and the son who stands nearer to the shop is indicating the person to provide the tiffin to local persons as well as the father is hosting the policemen as well as receiving the money from people and watching the people who are asking for food or some curry in between their eating.

This seems the best possible marketing management as on the one hand the father by hosting the police persons is creating the forms of security of their establishment and on the other hand the son is retaining the local people out there, as what it makes the most wonderful marketing management and distribution of powers between father and son duos as well as the workers in their shops makes it the most vital and most cognitive example of how to manage this marketing situation.

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